🇪🇪 Estonian Dog Breeds: Estonian Hound From Republic of Estonia

Estonian Hound

Estonian Dog Breeds are the native dogs of Estonia. The breed Estonian Hound inherited the title of National Dog of Estonia. Created in the year 1947 in the Soviet Union, this dog has served the best way. Don’t mix Estonian Hound’s beauty with Beagle. They are entirely different. A medium-sized dog creates an impression of being strong and muscular. They have floppy ears and lack wrinkles adding an overall appearance of being alert and intelligent. An excellent mannered breed that mixes up well with the family and throws an attitude on strangers. They are good with training, respond well to the owner and are eager to learn. They live for 12-15 years. They have a good reputation for maintaining good health; only they have a sensitive retina that causes blindness with age( rarely).

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