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Dog Laws In India
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Our country, the glorious India ranks to be the seventh-largest country in terms of biodiversity as it contains 38 biodiversity hotspots. It is the home of animals. From the popular Royal Bengal Tiger to the Great Indian Rhinoceros to the stray dog laws in India are confined in the constitution. Today will sneak into the Dog Laws in India which is enshrined as the fundamental duty of every Indian citizen to know about it.

The Prevention of Cruelty Animals Act, 1960

You might be wondering why we directly started with the cruelty Act. It is simply because these days, with the enhanced social media, we can observe the cruelty and abuse on stray dogs are recorded and shared. This needs to stop! Under Section 11: The Prevention of Cruelty Animals Act, 1960 includes the beating, kicking, overriding, overdriving, torturing, and causing unnecessary pain to a dog is a criminal offence.

As per this Pet Laws in India, Keeping an animal in a confined cage without appropriate length, breadth and width, chained for the entire day, is an offence too. It even includes that if you are an owner of a dog who fails to provide sufficient food, drink, and shelter to the animal is applicable to go to jail if reported with full proof. Offering sell of your dog without any appropriate reason to get rid of your possession is an offence too!

Is abusing animals a punishable offence?

As per the Dog Laws in India, it is undoubtedly a criminal offence. In such a situation, the offender has to pay if any sort of subsequent case happens. If the same repetition is observed again, the offender will surely have to go to exile/ imprisonment for years and a heavy fine. The offenders’ vehicle (if any) will be confiscated and never allow to keep any dog or animal as per the dog rules in India.

In Dog Laws in India- What are Cognizable and Non-Cognizable offences?

The Pet Laws in India are undoubtedly stringent. What we lack is timely action! Here, a Cognizable Offense means that the police officer is empowered with the right to arrest a guilty without any warrant. This is under the Indian Panel Code, including Murder, Robbery, Counterfeiting, and Rioting.

In the Non-Cognizable offence, the police officer is not empowered to arrest the guilty or accused without any warrant. The permit needs to be extended from the Magistrate. This includes assault, mischief, and public nuisance as well.

What are the common offences against the PCA that are cognizable?

The common offences falling under the category of PCS are considered Cognizable and Non-Cognizable. Among the Dog Laws in India, here is the section that needs special attention;

Non- Cognizable Offence

  • Beating, Overriding, Over-driving, kicking, Overloading a dog.
  • Causing unnecessary pain and suffering to any animals.
  • Employing any animal like a labour.
  • Willfully causing injury to the animal
  • Keeping a dog in a cage that isn’t their size
  • Utter negligence
  • Failing to give food
  • Giving away after optimum utilization of the dog
  • Abandoned a dog
  • Offering sale without a strong reason

Cognizable Offence

  • Mutilates an animal, using injection to kill the animal.
  • Taking animal for a deadly fight.
  • Competition participation where death can happen.

Powers a police officer can exercise when he sees the cruelty being done on animals.

As per Dog Laws in India under section 34: The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 1960, it provides the power to a police officer to immediately seize the animal and take him/ her to the affirmed treatment areas like the Veterinary hospital the case to a designated Veterinary officer.

As per the pet dog laws in India, the animal must be detailed and provided with proper treatment. The owner of the pet will incur the total cost in terms of maintenance and treatment.

Few Laws and Regulations for Keeping Pets in a Society

As per the Dog Laws in India, Section 51(A), showing compassion to keep the dog in an apartment is nice and appreciated but provided you are following the certain below mentioned rules:

  • Ban on specific dog breeds. Dogs like Great Dane, Saint Bernard, Rottweiler, Boxer, and similar large breeds are banned.
  • A strict fine for defecation is charged to the owner. As per the dog poop laws in India, the owner must use a lease and poop scoop to keep the environment clean and healthy.
  • Excessive barking nuisance. Your dog mustn’t be barking all the time. Training is crucial.
  • As per the dog bite laws in India, owners cannot be forced to use muzzles on their dogs. So better use the lease for the safety of others.
  • No access to lifts for the pet dog in an apartment.

Pet laws in India is Strict and Obeyed

The pet dog laws or Dog Laws in India in India are made for the welfare of the animals. They do not have a voice of their own, so it’s our duty as citizens to sign up for the offence happening with them. These days the cases have incredibly increased. We need to check on this! This article is written not only to let you know about the laws, but it will help you to go for the right decision when any cruelty in your house or locality is eye-witnessed. Do not let anyone take advantage of the pets and make them suffer, which they do not even deserve. Let’s make this earth a happy place for all.

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