Golden Retriever Price In India – Breed Information, Puppy Price & Maintenance Costs.

Golden Retriever Price In India

Have you heard people say, “Dog can make your day bright and beautiful?” That’s what this dog breed with a golden heart makes you feel like. Golden retrievers are people’s best friends! If you’re considering this golden doggo home, here’s a blog to help you with a golden retriever price in India!

A golden retriever is a large breed of dog initially originating from a gun dog – a popular breed globally. In western countries, people call them “retrievers” as they are well-behaved and friendly family dogs that can win your heart.

Golden retrievers make great friendships and find fun being in the company. They can’t speak like you, but love is in their DNA. Throw the ball, they will run to catch, take them out, and they thrive – that’s the spirit of a gold retriever! You can trust them because they are easy with kids and other breeds!

A golden retriever price in India usually cost ₹15000 – ₹30000, depending on the buying location, breeder’s reputation, and puppy’s lineage. You can find Golden retriever easily in any pet store.

Golden retriever price in India city-wise

Here is the complete detail of a golden retriever price in India city-wise, covering major cities where golden retrievers are available for sale with their corresponding prices.

✅ Golden retriever in Chennai is available anywhere between ₹10,000 to ₹45,000, confirmed by the popular pet store GV Kennels in Virugambakkam.

✅ In Mumbai, golden retriever is sold anywhere between ₹15,000 – ₹50,000 confirmed by popular pet store Sagar Kennels located in Bandra.

✅ The price of a golden retriever in Bangalore can range between ₹12,000 – ₹35,000 as per well-known pet shop Woof babies located in Maruti Nagar.

✅ The price of a golden retriever in Delhi starts from between ₹14,000 – ₹28,000, confirmed by famous pet shop Aqua dog located in New Delhi.

✅ Golden Retriever in Hyderabad can range from anywhere between ₹16,000 – ₹36,000 confirmed by famous pet shop JSSS Farms & Kennels located in Marri Pally.

✅ In Kolkata, golden retriever can range from anywhere between ₹9000 – ₹41,000 confirmed by popular pet shop Puppy Center located in Machuabazar.

✅ The price of a golden retriever in Pune goes anywhere between ₹10,000 – ₹30,000, confirmed by the famous pet shop SangFroid Kennel located in Kondhwa Budruk.

Factor affecting Golden retriever price

Quality of the golden retriever pup

Golden retrievers are warm, loyal, and easy-to-please family dogs, and relatively trainable. The golden retriever is even-tempered, smart, and kind. You can see them playful, yet gentle with children, and they gel well.

Colour and size

Adult male golden retrievers can grow upto 65–75 pounds, while females 55–65 pounds. Their colour ranges from light golden to cream and dark golden to golden.The physique can vary from broad and thick to leaner and more sporty.

The breeder’s reputation

If you want a healthy and sweet golden retriever, you need a breeder who is trustable, responsible and takes good care of them.

A good breeder focuses on the health and temperament of the golden retriever puppy. Before bringing it home, you can learn much about your golden retriever from the breeder.

Location and demand

The popularity and demand for golden retrievers are increasing in India, particularly in the major cities listed above. When the need for taking care of is high, and supply is less, the price tends to rise.

Also, it gets challenging if you don’t have access to things you need to maintain and invest in your golden retriever.

Golden retriever maintenance cost

Feeding cost of Golden retriever

Average good quality dog food for golden retriever cost approximately ₹4,500 – ₹7,500 a month. The premium feeding can be ₹10,000 or can even go high based on your location.

Grooming cost of Golden retriever

Golden retrievers shed hair moderately in summer and winter and heavily in spring. However, grooming a golden retriever isn’t tricky, and you can do it at home.

With an anti-shedding brush, the process of brushing gets smoother and faster. Trimming includes nails on the ears, neck, feet, and hair. As per the pet groomer, you should brush them once a week, trim their hair every 4-6 weeks, and bathe them occasionally.

Overall, grooming golden retrievers may cost around ₹1000 – ₹1500. This cost can vary based on your needs and location.

Insurance cost of golden retriever

Golden retrievers have righ risk of life-threatening diseases if they are obesse. You can try to reduce these risks and future expenses by getting a pup from a legal breeder, who can provide you screening results for the inherent conditions.

Who doesn’t want this fluffy friend to stay happy and healthy? You need to be aware about the risk and seek for insurance support that covers the medical needs, injuries, or loss.

Training cost of golden retriever

A golden retriever is a great companion dog. They have a good sense of balancing temperament and seldom get angry or harsh towards people and other pets. Being social is their nature, and you should take your goldie outside, so they encounter people.

Your golden retriever can thriver when playing, exercising, walking and socialising with people.

Boarding cost of golden retriever

While it’s easy to travel with golden retrievers, you have to pay like any other pet animal. You might have to go for a hotel, transport, or even a kennel for the stay. This cost may vary from place to place based on your needs.

Registration cost of golden retriever

To ensure your pet golden retriever is safe and well-maintained, you need a professional system that supports it. Your pet needs a community that cares for it.

KCI (Kennel Club of India) does it so well for dogs with timely checking on the health and safety of dogs.

Veterinarian cost of a golden retriever

A golden retriever is known as a healthy dog breed. However, a regular health check-up ensures your pet is safe and sound. As a pet owner, ensure that your dog gets its vaccinations and deworming tablets on time.

Vaccination keeps your dog in good shape and prevents the chances of diseases like rabies, parvovirus, distemper, and hepatitis. Once vaccinated, they also prevent the spread of viruses or infections.

The ideal time for vaccination starts when the puppy is 6-7 weeks old to prevent the disease. After, when the golden retriever is an adult, he must have his core vaccine annually and rabies vaccine every three years.

Overall, the cost of vaccination for a golden retriever is ₹1500 – ₹2500.

Bring the furry golden retriever dog/puppy home when you know you’re ready to provide for their needs. This versatile dog breed is one-of-a-kind and needs all love! Nothing can stop you from becoming their best parents if you can do so.

Golden Retriever FAQ

This loyal dog breed, retriever, is a perfect family dog because it’s worthy of trust! A golden retriever is quick to win your heart, making training more accessible. A golden retriever is so active that he can play for a long time.

Are you trying to be the person or want to be the person your golden dog wants you to be? Whether making a new friend or bringing a new pup home, you need to know them to improve your relationship with them.

Here are a few top-searched Google questions related to a golden retriever and their answers to learn more!

What Is The Mental Age Of A Golden Retriever?

Their stunning flashes of brilliance and creativity are reminders that they may not be Einsteins but are sure closer to humans than we thought. According to several behavioural measures, Coren says dogs’ mental abilities are close to a human child aged 2 to 2.5 years.

Do Golden Retrievers Miss Their Owners?

It’s not unusual for a loyal dog like a golden retriever to grieve the loss. The sudden breakage in the bond does bring some change in them. While they might not understand the human absence fully, they do understand the emotional feeling of missing someone who’s no longer a part of their everyday life.

Is Golden Retriever A Quiet Dog?

Golden retrievers are known for their quiet temperament compared to other dog breeds. When they bark, they usually show their loyalty to their owners. While they might bark at strangers, it’s only to alert their owners.

Are Golden Retrievers Hard To Train?

Training golden retrievers aren’t rocket science. Retrievers are known to be smart, quick learners, and ready to please, which helps trainers.

What Type Of Person Owns A Golden Retriever?

Golden retrievers best fit in a family-oriented set up. Labs and goldens are high-spirited breeds and love the outdoors. If you’re a social butterfly, your golden retriever would love you!

How Long Do Golden Retrievers Live?

According to American Kennel Club, golden retriever’s average lifespan is 10 to 12 years. However, with the proper care, you can extend the golden retriever’s life expectancy to 13 years. The same goes for the mid to large-breed dogs.

Do Golden Retrievers Remember Their Owners?

A: Golden retrievers’ ability to remember you by voice, look, movements, emotions, touch, aura, and scent makes them unique. They identify their own easily, although they don’t speak as we do.

What Are 3 Interesting Facts About Golden Retrievers?

The golden retriever is a Scottish breed. As sporting dogs, golden retrievers need lots of exercises. They’re an energetic breed. Like beagles, golden retrievers, too, make excellent therapy dogs. They are always young at heart, even as they age.

What Is A Golden Retrievers Favourite Thing?

Golden retrievers are bird dogs, so they love ultimate frisbee, where they have to jump and catch the disc/ball.
This dog breed needs daily exercise and activities to avoid obesity and stay in shape.

Do Golden Retrievers Love Everyone?

While golden retrievers love everyone in the home, they also have a special affection toward the most social family member.
Being social dogs, they love going around. New places don’t make them uncomfortable as they are quick to connect and bond with people.

At What Age Does Golden Retrievers Calm Down?

Golden retrievers are a hyper dog breed. However, like most breeds, they are slightly calmer after their puppy phase, around 2 or 3 years old.
Female golden retrievers mature more obediently than males, making them calmer.

Why Do Golden Retrievers Like Ice Cubes?

Golden retriever often needs panting or paw pads to cool down. Ice is the cold treat for them. Eating ice or drinking cold water lowers their body temperature.

Are golden retrievers the happiest dog?

There’s a reason people love the family-friendly golden retriever. Golden retrievers have everything you’re looking for in a pet. Their qualities influence the environment and uplift the mood. Retrievers never get angry and makes people smile.

What Kind Of Music Do Golden Retrievers Like?

Golden retrievers love listening to the music of almost all genres. You can see the change in their behaviour based on the song you play.
Retrievers’ emotions are always on top when you play a song. For instance, with fast-paced music, they get agitated/playful and slow song makes them wind down.

How Long Do Golden Retrievers Sleep During The Day?

The regular sleeping hours are 12-14 per day. A golden puppy retriever sleeps longer than an adult. Sleep is essential to stay healthy and growing.

How Do I Bond With My Golden Retriever?

You have to be patient with your golden retriever. You can bond well with your golden retriever when you’re kind, consistent, engage, relax, feed properly, and give the space to feel at home.

What Problems Do Golden Retriever Have?

Goldens are prone to allergies, skin problems, cancer and hypothyroidism. You might have to spend a lot on veterinary to cure, but with medical insurance in place, you don’t have to worry about your furry friend’s good health.

What Is The Most Common Cause Of Death In Golden Retrievers?

Cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs. However, you can extend their lifespan (which may vary from breed to breed) with proper nutrition, a support system, and a healthy lifestyle.

How Often Should I Bathe A Golden Retriever?

Shampoo used for golden retrievers should be mild and gentle. Dog experts generally advise bathing your golden retriever once every 6 – 8 weeks.

A regular bathing schedule keeps infection, matting and dandruff at bay. You can see golden retriever glow because they are clean and well-maintained.

Which Colour Of Golden Retriever Is The Best?

Golden Retrievers In Red Cream and Gold Color

51.6% of pet owners have gold golden retrievers, 31.5% of golden retrievers have light gold or golden cream retrievers, and 16.8% of golden retrievers have red golden retrievers.

What’s stopping you from getting this sturdy, muscular, dense, and lustrous friend home? You know what it takes to become the owner your pet wants you to be! Just go above and beyond to create the environment that needs to thrive!

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