Tibetan Mastiff Price In India – Breed Information, Puppy Price & Maintenance Costs.

tibetan mastiff price in india

When we think about dogs, we come across some of the most adaptable breeds all over the world. In fact, there exists a dog breed in every weather and terrain, be it a sandy desert or high altitude range. Moreover, they have proven to be loyal companions historically. One such formidable breed that is known for its power and protective instinct is an oriental breed from Tibet. As a full-grown adult, the Tibetan mastiff has an imposing structure that would intimidate any stranger or predator.

These watchful guardians are ancient breeds, popular for their mellow temperament as family dogs. Yet, they are also valued for their fierceness when it comes to defending territories at the same time. Today, there’s a growing interest in understanding what is the Tibetian mastiff price in India. If you want to buy Tibetan mastiff puppies and are wondering how much they cost, this blog will help you find Tibetan Mastiff price in india. Without any delay, let’s jump right into it!

Before Buying A Tibetan Mastiff Dog, Understand Their History

The Tibetan mastiff’s origin has a throng of lore and speculations regarding its origin. Due to the isolated nature of its origin country and a deficit in written breeding records, the breed’s history is no less than a mystery. However, they are believed to have originated many centuries ago. DNA evidence reports that the Mastiff type developed in Tibet about 5,000 years ago. The formidable Tibetan Mastiff is a descendant of these dogs.

Tibetan Mastiffs are native to the Tibetan nomads who have bred them for millennia. The interesting part of their backstory is that these beautiful dogs were provided to the high lamas as guardians of the great monasteries in Tibet.

It is believed that the Tibetan Mastiff dogs are home to the souls of Buddhist nuns and monks who did not make it into their paradise, known as Shambhala. Tibetan Mastiffs also are believed to have been the primary breed of modern-age large working dog breeds. As per experts, these include all mastiff or Molosser breeds as well as mountain dogs. There are two sub-breeds that exist today, the Do-Khyi and Tsang-Khyi.

The Do-Khyi type of Tibetan Mastiffs were traveler dogs that lived with nomadic shepherds while working as flock guardians. On the other hand, the Tsang-Khyi are larger dogs that lived in lamaseries where their job was to guard the monks.

Mentions About Tibetan Mastiffs Throughout History

Europe and England

Bout Tibetan Mastiff
1847- Lord Hardinge, the Viceroy of India, had imported and gifted the first Tibetan Mastiff dog to Queen Victoria in England
1873- England's Kennel Club was formed where this breed was officially registered to the Stud Book as the Tibetan Mastiff. This removed its former title as the "large dog from Tibet".
1874- Two more of these dogs were imported to England by the Prince of Wales, who later became King Edward VII. They were showcased later in 1875 at the Alexandra Palace Show.
1931- The import of Tibetan Mastiffs to England and the European continent continued, and the first Tibetan Mastiff breed club was hence formed.

The United States of America

Tibetan Mastiffs sport a similar history in the United States as well. In the 1950s, two Tibetan Mastiffs were given to the President of the United States. However, these dogs were housed on a farm and vanished from the public eye.
In 1970, several more of these dogs were imported, and they became the foundation dogs of the United States line.

Tibetan Mastiff Breed Characteristics

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Tibetan Mastiff’s Health And Grooming
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City-Wise Tibetan Mastiff Price In India

Mentioned below is a detailed table of all the major cities where the Tibetan Mastiff breed is available for sale, along with their corresponding price range.

  • Tibetan Mastiff Price In Chennai – 55,000 INR to 260,000 INR
  • Tibetan Mastiff Price In Bangalore – 20,000 INR to 70,000 INR
  • Tibetan Mastiff Price In Hyderabad – 45,000 INR to 200,000 INR
  • Tibetan Mastiff Price In Hyderabad – 45,000 INR to 200,000 INR
  • Tibetan Mastiff Price In Mumbai – 30,000 INR to 220,000 INR
  • Tibetan Mastiff Price In New Delhi – 70,000 INR to 250,000 INR

Factors which affect Dog Prices

Quality Of The Tibetan Mastiff Pup

The price of a pure breed Tibetan Mastiff puppy will depend on the sire and mother’s quality, which determines the quality of the litter. The higher the dogs have been rated by the KCI and other reputed kennel clubs, the more expensive they are. If you wish to buy a show-quality Tibetan Mastiff, be prepared to shell out an equivalent sum of money as they are on the expensive end.

The Reputation Of The Breeder

A breeder is better for their ethics and integrity while rearing litter, as well as the care that they provide towards the dogs they own. If you wish to buy healthy Tibetan Mastiff pups, it is best advised that you ensure that your breeder of choice has a spotless reputation and follows every protocol in choosing the purchasers of their litter. Good breeders would inspect their prospects and make buyers sign a contract. Here, the clause may state that:

  • The dog needs to be spayed or neutered for optimal health.
  • In case of failure to care for them, they shall be returned to the said breeder.
  • Selling, breeding, or abandonment may lead to legal action.

The above-mentioned are amazing qualities in a good breeder that you can deal with.

Location And Demand – The price of this breed may also fluctuate based on the location of their availability as well as the market demand. If there are a lot of buyers on the waitlist at a location where they’re not easily found, the puppies will cost you more. The opposite is also true.

5 Things You need to know before buying Tibetan Mastiff


Tibetan Mastiffs are native to Tibet, which is located at a high altitude. They thrive in cold temperatures as their physique and fur coats are meant to withstand frost and snow. If you live in similar weather conditions and terrain, these mountain dogs would make an excellent choice of pet.

Average Age and Lifespan

The average lifespan of a Tibetan Mastiff dog is 11 to 14 years when cared for meticulously. However, they may experience minor health problems like canine hip dysplasia (CHD) or hypothyroidism. In rare cases, they may also be prone to demyelinating neuropathy, entropion, and seizures, which may affect their overall life expectancy.

Whether it’s a Pure Tibetan Mastiff or Mixed Breed

Today, you will find several breeders claiming to have pure-breed Tibetan MAstiff Puppies. However, since there are so many types of mountain dogs and Mastiff breeds branching out from the Tibetan type, you may encounter a mixed breed. Make sure you verify their ancestry and genealogy before investing.

Are they registered with the KCI?

The Kennel Club of India recognizes several dog breeds. Before you purchase your Tibetan Mastiff puppy, make sure that the breeder owns KCI-registered and approved Tibetan Mastiff dogs for the highest-quality pups. This also rules out uncommon diseases, genetic defects, or unforeseen temperament issues that occur with reckless cross-breeding.

Advantages of Tibetan Mastiff

  • They make excellent family protectors as they can be extremely gentle with babies.
  • Tibetan Mastiffs may look fierce and ferocious, but they are lovable and adoring of their owners.
  • As puppies, they have a playful temperament that owners tend to enjoy a lot. As they grow up, Tibetan Mastiff dogs retain this playful characteristic for the outdoors and can be very active.
  • Even though they are big dogs and very powerful, don’t let their musculature fool you. Tibetan Mastiffs are astonishingly agile, which makes them excellent herding dogs.
  • Having a Tibetan Mastiff dog from verified breeders guarantees round-the-clock protection as they are watchful guardians you can count on.

Disadvantages of Tibetan Mastiff

  • Tibetan Mastiffs are working dogs, so their self-esteem and mental health is attached to a sense of purpose. If you are looking for a pure family dog to relax with, these may not be the right fit for you.
  • Tibetan Mastiffs are an old breed but also have a penchant for specific disorders. If you do not possess the capital to pay for their maintenance and treatment as they age, please choose a more appropriate breed.
  • The breed is not an indoor-only type, which means that they need plenty of open space to scout. Also, Tibetan Mastiffs are not big fans of strangers; if your property is frequented by many new people, you may have to invest extra time and effort in socializing and training them.
  • These dogs also require professional grooming since they may accumulate a lot of dirt from their adventures outdoors. With poor grooming and negligent owners, there’s a chance for their undercoat to bunch up in dreads with dirt. Not only can this make it a hygiene issue, but also invite disease to your doorstep.

Wrapping Up

To summarize our take on these gorgeous beasts of Tibet, the breed has stood the test of time without much dilution in their genealogy. This also makes them excellent at retaining their core character traits with accurate temperaments. While they are good family dogs, it is necessary for them to be motivated by work so that they stay healthy.

Dignified and loyal, Tibetan mastiffs are gentle creatures but can be counted on to defend perimeters and livestock. If you live in a climate that is suitable to their physiology and have the space to let them roam freely, you will be a very happy dog owner! All you need to keep in mind is to consider their long-term upkeep costs and buy only from verified breeders for the healthiest pup.


Are Tibetan Mastiffs Good Pets?

The Tibetan Mastiff is an independent breed, and while he is affectionate with his family, he’s not a good choice for a first-time dog owner.

For more information on other interesting dog breeds, stay tuned to our blog and future editorials!

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