9 Best Dog Cafes in Mumbai Every Pet Lover Needs To Visit

Dog cafes in mumbai

Those who have ever loved a dog understand the magic they work around our hearts, brightening the dullest of days. You give your affection to a dog, and it will never be misplaced, only reciprocated a thousand times over. The unfaltering loyalty of our four-legged fur-babies has been one of the highlights over generations, but especially these days, where the world is dealing with several uncertainties.

Many of us found comfort with the love of dogs, be it our own pets or the loving strays that live at our residence, and the time spent with them took away the stress of the day in a flash.That’s not all there is to where you can hang out with the cutest doggies; dog cafes are quickly gaining popularity in cities, especially Mumbai. Especially for people who use a dog dating app, need such places once their pet gets a date.

Today, we’re bringing you a list of the best dog cafes where you can hang out with the “goodest boys and girls” while enjoying your favourite beverages or snacks- tails wagging, slobbery kisses and all.

But we didn’t stop at just that- we’re also talking about the pet-friendly cafes you can take your dogs for a date! Without any further delays, let’s get right into it!

The Top Five Dog Cafes in Mumbai

🐶 Puppy Cuddles Dog Café

Have you ever been to doggie paradise? Puppy Cuddles Dog Cafe gives you exactly that, for an hour! Located at Khar West, Mumbai, this dog cafe gives you an hour’s time to hang out and cuddle various breeds of dogs to your heart’s content. As COVID-19 precautions, sanitization and gloves are provided so you and the fur-babies stay safe. The entry fee is Rupees 450 per person; book your slots in advance as it is always full!

🐶 Cafe Pefe

This dog cafe is the best place for dog lovers to be! What’s better? You can bring along your pets to socialize with the pooches in the house. The food is delicious and the dogs present are very affectionate. In short, it makes for the perfect date or a family’s evening out if you’d love to spend time giving belly runs and booping snoots! Cafe Pefe is located at Andheri Lokhandwala Complex and has a scrumptious selection of food that you can dine-in or take-away!

🐶 Pawfect Life

Pawfect life is one of the best dog play-houses at Andheri, Mumbai and a personal favourite due to several reasons. The place is also a foster care for your pet pooch if you need to leave town. The prices are as affordable as Rupees 700 a day with meals and boarding. You can meet and pet these dogs, who are highly social and waiting to play with guests. You can book your slots at Rupees 200 an hour to see dogs of all breeds living their best lives. An important disclaimer is that pawfect life is a dog play-house, which means they do not serve food, but the experience will likely make you forget about a snack while playing with beautiful huskies.

🐶 PuppsLand

If you want to have your heart melted to bits, PuppsLand at Goregaon is your next spot! The owners have adopted over 13 dogs of pure and mixed breeds, including abandoned dogs to give them a fighting chance. If you visit, you can find about their unique journeys and spend time petting them, and what you get in return is even more amazing: the unconditional love of rescued dogs.

🐶 Ohh My Dog

Ohh My Dog at Lokhandwala is every dog lover’s dream come true. The dogs wait eagerly everyday to meet new friends, so you can spend your time playing with them. If you have a pet, you can bring them on a playdate as well. Ohh My DOg doubles as an adoption home, so you never know, you might fall hopelessly in love with one of the pups and take them home! Don’t forget to buy the resident dogs some treats to win them over instantly- they deserve it!

We’ve taken a look at dog cafes that have in-house resident puppers that you can visit by paying an entry fee. Some act like puppy creches and the others are also rescue or adoption homes. However, our work doesn’t stop there; as promised, here’s a list of the best pet friendly cafes in Mumbai, where you can take your fur-babies out and not worry about leaving them back home!

Honourable Mentions: Pet-Friendly Cafes in Mumbai

🐶 The Bagel Shop, Pali Hill, Bandra

🐶 Leaping Windows, Versova, Andheri

🐶 The Village Shop, Bandra

🐶 Doolally Taproom Andheri


Many of these places host pet events with fun themes that involve costumes and games, so they make perfect places to have your pets socialized. Make sure to check out their social media to stay updated with upcoming events! We hope you enjoyed our Mumbai dog cafe directory; stay tuned to check out our upcoming blogs on dog cafes around different cities.

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