Dog Beds: The Complete Pet Bed Buying Guide For Dog Parents 2022​

Dog Beds

Dogs are man’s best friend for several reasons and have stuck close to our side for centuries. Today, the world is more conscious about the needs of our four-legged fur kids and hence, has a huge market for accessories and fixtures to make their life more comfortable; dog beds are one of them and considered to be an investment for their long snoozes.

If you’re looking for a dog bed and don’t know where to start, our edition of 2022’s dog beds guide will help you weigh your options with lots of information! Ready to get started? Let’s jump into it!

Why You Need To Buy A Dog Bed?

As per statistics, your dog can sleep 12-14 hours on average, with puppies needing 11 hours of snooze time to develop into healthy adults. If they spend so much time on your couch, chair and bed, it is worthwhile to give them their own bed. Also, it establishes a safe space where your dog can retreat for their personal time (everyone needs space!), or hide their toys.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Dog Bed​

Just like our loyal companions, their beds are available in every shape and size. Buying the right bed at a good price can be confusing since it is based on personal preferences.. Which is why you need to know how to choose!

Choose the location of the dog bed

Everyone has a placement sorted for their dog’s bed space; while it could be a corner of your room, there are dogs that love to sleep outside or in enclosures. The bed needs to fit these dimensions and spaces with ease for your dog to use the bed constantly.

Take note of specific functionalities

Every dog is different and some are more special than the rest. There are dogs that cater to specific functionalities for anxious dogs, reactive dogs, senior dogs, disabled dogs and dogs with diseases like arthritis available in the market. If you are a pawrent to such a special pupper, make sure you check the dog bed’s functionality before buying one.

Pick the right design and color

Today, we all aim to have our pet props match the home decor so they look well-integrated with all the furniture. Choosing a dog bed can be a fun experience because there are so many themes, designs, shapes and patterns that you can choose from to fit the personality of your dog while matching your home aesthetics.

Types of Dog Beds You Can Buy

Bolster Dog Beds

Take your dog’s comfort a notch higher with these seemingly Victorian bolster dog beds. It has a certain element of royalty to its structure with the raised edges made of comfortable foam or layers of fabric. The bolster helps your dog relax without the fear of falling over, so if you have a dog that moves a lot as they sleep, this bed is a good fit. Meant for both big and small dogs, bolster dog beds are helpful to lean on and retain heat very well.

Bolster, nesting, and doughnut beds all contain raised edges that help a dog feel more at ease, as well as give the dog an area to lean on. If you have a pet that has a nervous streak or likes to sleep curled up for added security, these beds make an excellent choice to enhance their comfort.

Memory Foam Dog Beds

Memory foam dog beds common selections among dog parents who want their pooch to enjoy the same experience as sleeping in human beds.

Memory foam dog beds can be styled in different shapes and sizes and have the feature of moulding itself around your pet’s body frame, providing an extra snug feeling.

There are many price ranges and types of memory foam dog beds, where the cheaper ones are made using shredded foam bits rather than layers. Some memory foam dog beds are just one thick piece of foam, but be mindful of the quality since a cheap dog bed can look firm at the star but flatten out pretty quickly.

Another factor to be mindful of is that some memory foam beds have an inherent chemical or plastic-like smell that pawrents are not fond of. A way to avoid this from happening is buying from a reputed brand, since they may have neutral smelling foam mattresses or even ones that are scented.

Make sure to not get swayed by just the mention of memory foam and check for structural durability since memory foam alone is not enough for the most relaxing experience. Your dog won’t be able to sleep well if they’re constantly sinking into the bed; check that the memory foam has a durable base that is denser than the initial layers that prevent flattening and sinking spots.

Buttercup Dog Beds

Buttercup dog beds are just beginning to gain popularity and belong to the niche Etsy and boutique shops for now. However, they look absolutely adorable, especially for puppies and small dogs. The photoshoots using a buttercup bed as a prop are cute enough to give anyone puppy fever, which is why you see them used commonly in high-end magazines, puppy publications and adoption campaign posts.

The bed is made using a traditional round and flat type of bed that functions as a pillowy cushion when used regularly. However, the star feature is the toggle drawstring that can be pulled together and give the effect of a flower, staying true to its name. This is a great pillow-cum-bed for puppies and small dogs like Chihuahuas and Pomeranians that like hiding and nesting. We don’t recommend these for chewy dogs or large dogs.

Pillow Dog Beds

If you looked at every dog owner and their preference for dog beds, the pillow dog bed is the most common choice. These are affordable, practical and comfortable. The pillow-styled dog bed are oversized pillows that your dog can simply relax on. Nifty and easily displaced, pillow dog beds are built using materials varying from the manufacturer. While some use styrofoam and foam bits, others can use cotton batting, polyester fiber or recycled materials.

If you’re looking for pillow beds that have variety in design, are easily found online as well as offline, and look cute, these are the right choice for you.

Even though these cheap doggie beds may seem affordable at face value, a caveat is to remember that cleaning them can be a hassle, especially if they have a cotton filling. These pillows also tend to bunch up and create hard lumps with prolonged pressure.

Hammock Dog Beds

Hammock dog beds are perfect for the traveling pooch or a dog that loves enjoying the summery outdoors. If you’re going on vacation or leave in a tropical climate, this bed is simple and efficient. It is created using tightly woven mesh or organic fabric depending on your functionality. You can throw in a thin foam mattress over it so that your pet can enjoy the cool breeze with safely supported joints.

Hammock beds are really great to clean if they’re made using nylon fibres, giving you an easy way to maintain them if you house multiple fosters or a dog shelter.

Cave Dog Bed

Nervous dogs and highly reactive pooches need to burrow and feel safe, which means they constantly search for nooks where they can hide. Cave dog beds provide a hood that gives the impression of a den; your dog will feel free and less reactive knowing they have a safe space.

Furniture Dog Beds

If you’re not worried about the price point and have a well-behaved dog that likes to live life fashionably just like the owners, you can invest in a furniture bed. These beds sue the outer shell of conventional furniture such as a table and add padding and cushioning inside.

These look aesthetic but are quite delicate. Furniture dog beds are perfect to match your home aesthetic but also a bit expensive since you need to pick and buy the mattress yourself.

Sofa Dog Beds

Do you have a dog who loves to lounge on your couch, getting fur and drool all over it? As cute as it may be, this may not be the most ideal sight when you have guests to entertain and an absolute unit of a large dog that refuses to budge from the couch! Instead, get them their own couch; you can even get one made to match your existing couch.

Made with high-end furniture materials, these resemble human couches and are built for extra comfort so your dog can lounge like royalty. However, if your dog is messy and destructive with a bitey nature, this is not the best choice as it can’t be machine washed or repaired constantly.

Wood Frame Dog Beds

We all have a dog that thinks they are human, wanting to do everything exactly how the pawrents do it. However, letting a large dog sleep in your bed can be a space crunch and uncomfortable in the long run. So why not get them their own wooden frame bed?

These beds add great aesthetic value for owners who love to live in style with their pets. Wooden beds refer to the bed frame which is made of wood and is polished for the right texture. It has a memory foam mattress which is very comfortable, giving your pooch a hooman experience during snooze time.

Heated Dog Beds

If you live in colder climates for the majority of the year, your pooch may need some temperature regulation help. Heated dog beds allow your furbaby to sleep comfortably by generating and retaining heat in the bed using two ways:

  • Retains self-generated body warmth.
  • Generates heat with electricity.

These beds come with an electrical plug, which can worry a few owners if they have fidgety and frisky pets. However, you can heat the bed using electricity under your own supervision and detach the plug later. Heated dog beds are excellent for your pets if they sleep in an outdoor kennel, are pregnant or get cold easily.

Waterproof Dog Beds

If you have a puppy in training, an incontinent dog, or one that tends to pee when scared or anxious, waterproof dog beds make a solid choice. The outer layer is made using parachute material with a zipper encasing memory foam coated in soft plastic, making it practically impossible for water to seep through any of the layers. However, having an accident-prone dog will require post pee clean-ups, which is easy.

You can easily zip open the case and throw it into a washer. Make sure that you rub the surface down with an anti-bacterial solution so that the odor doesn’t stick!

Chew-Proof Dog Beds

There are breeds and specific ages (adolescent puppies, we’re looking at you!) where dogs just love to bite everything in their path. If you have a dog that loves to chomp on anything they come across, this be is an essential must-have. Made using hyper-durable materials like canvas, Cordura, vinyl or highly dense nylon with double stitching, these beds will remain intact when nothing does. The dogs can shake and pull these beds for all they care, and it would survive the latest edition of jaws!

The best part of this bed for your pet chompasaur is that the brands are highly competitive and offer great warranties. If your pet manages to sink those teefers in the crew-proof bed, the company will replace it for free.

Orthopedic Dog Beds

Orthopedic dog beds are meant for canines that need additional support and comfort while they rest. As the name suggests, this is a great way to bring some ease into the life of a dog that’s experiencing arthritis or body sensitivity. Designed for optimal comfort, it is much better than memory foam due to the added layers of support foam in the bed.

While memory foam makes a bed cozy by shaping itself around your dog’s body, support foam soothes their aching bones without making them sore after prolonged naps. Many brands offer large orthopedic beds for bigger dogs but these can be found in smaller sizes too. All in all, very thin dog breeds, small and large arthritic dogs and senior dogs will love this bed and how it supports their joints.

Mattress Dog Beds

If you’re a no-fuss dog owner with an equally no-fuss dog, a mattress bed is a great choice for you. Practical, comfortable and affordable, these beds are often created to fit the dimensions of your pet. They resemble baby mattresses, which is another substitute that people use for their dogs once their child grows out of their little crib! Mattress beds have no frills and flashy designs, but this also means they are easy to maintain.

Corner Dog Beds

If you’re all about home aesthetics and symmetry, this bed will be very pleasing to the eyes without compromising on your fur baby’s comfort. A corner dog bed fits snugly in the corner of a room because of the angular edges. Many dogs prefer huddling in a corner to feel safe, so you can just get them a bed for their favorite corner. This can be a good pick if you’re short of space and live in an apartment.

Cedar Dog Beds

If you have an odor control problem with your dog (some dogs are naturally more odorous due to the wax their hair follicles produce), a cedar dog bed will help a lot. Filled with cedar chips or filings, these beds are not as comfortable as the conventional foam or polyester beds but have a knack to keep the odor from a stinky dog at bay. However, make note of the disclaimer that if you have a dog that suddenly develops a foul odor, please get it checked!

What to Look for in a Dog Bed?

Looking at the choices above, you may be thinking,“Yes, yes, these options are great, but I’d like to choose a doggie bed without confusion or regret. Can’t you just tell me what to look for so I don’t waste money on the wrong bed?

We understand how overwhelming these varieties may get if you’re not sure what exactly to look for. The abundance of pet brands selling beddings doesn’t make the job easier. However, this is the ultimate guide for dog beds, which means we’ve got your back! Here are things to look for while you’re shopping for the perfect bed for your precious pooch.

Padding Thickness

Your dog has protruding appendages like their elbows, hips and shoulders that can hurt if they sleep in beds with flimsy padding.; it can lead to reduced blood flow, cold spots, or skin damage, which are uncomfortable, to say the least. While buying a dog bed with the right padding density; well-cushioned padding will help them sleep more comfortably.

Padding & Filling Material

The quality and build of the dog bed padding makes a huge difference, not just the thickness. An easy way to check is pinching the foam together with your fingers and if they touch, the padding may be too thin for comfort. Dog beds can have a variety of padding materials, such as:

  • Polyester Filling: Polyfill stuffed beds comprise shredded polyester inside, and many dogs seem fond of this material. However, it doesn’t provide as much comfort as gel or memory foam.
  • Gel Foam: If you have a dog with arthritis, a gel-cushioned foam can help provide some softness and comfort without sinking in.
  • Beads & Shredded Foam: A bed with shredded foam and styrofoam beads is lower quality as they don’t offer much support to heavier dog breeds. It can also be a choking hazard and not eco-friendly- try to avoid this kind of filling.
  • Cotton Batting: This kind of filling is the most common and economical. However, cotton batting tends to become lumpy over time, so you may have to get the cotton re-fluffed again after a while.
  • Memory Foam: Memory foam has multiple layers of foam stacked into a single block that helps provide maximum comfort.
  • Cedar Chips: This kind of filling is not the most comfortable, but if you have a stinky canine, the filling can help control its odor.

Temperature Regulation

If you buy heavy beds like cotton batting, cleaning them can be a hassle. Getting a bed that is easy to wash regularly (because hygiene is a must) requires you to pay attention to the wash care instructions by the brand, the material and how quickly a bed can dry in your climate.

Final Words

Getting a dog bed is a decision that needs to be thought over just as we would contemplate our options for our own beds and furniture. If your dog is going to spend a substantial time of the day sleeping and lounging on it, the investment needs to be worth it. If you have a puppy right now, the bed may need to be switched a couple of times till they transition into an adult, so keep that in mind before you splurge! Beds for bigger dogs last longer, so make sure it’s a choice living with! We hope you found our blog useful; for more simplified guides and tips on everything related to dogs, stay tuned to our upcoming releases!

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