Maltese Dog Price in India: Cost, Availability, and Factors to Consider

maltese dog price in india

Maltese Dog Price In India – Overview

Do you know what makes Maltese dogs adorable pets? Maltese dogs attract people with their distinct personalities and excellent looks. It takes a matter of seconds to fall in love with their furry face. 

With their gentle and fearless nature, Maltese dogs easily make everyone their friend. However, if you’re considering owning this friendly dog or bringing one home, you need to know what goes behind maintaining this cute dog breed and learn if they are worth your budget.

City-Wise Maltese Dog Price In India

You can find the major cities where Maltese dogs are available for sale and learn about the corresponding prices before making a purchase decision. 

✅ The price of a Maltese dog in Chennai ranges from anywhere between ₹30,000 – ₹80,000 confirmed by popular pet shop Maxx Pets in Ambattur. 

✅ Maltese dog in Mumbai can range from anywhere between ₹36,000 – ₹82,000 confirmed by popular pet shop Pawsome Kennel in Ghatkopar West.

✅ Maltese dog in Bangalore has a price range between ₹31,000 – ₹85,000 confirmed by JSS Pets, a well-known pet shop in Kammanahalli.

✅ The price of a Maltese dog in Delhi can range from anywhere between ₹31,000 – ₹65,000 confirmed by Just Dogs, a popular pet shop in Mahim.

✅ Maltese dog’s price in Hyderabad can range from anywhere between ₹32,000 – ₹80,000 confirmed by popular pet Petholicks in Banjara Hills.

✅ The price of a Maltese dog in Kolkata ranges from ₹35,000 – ₹60,000 confirmed by Kolkata Dog House, most recommended shop in Shobhabazar.

✅ Maltese dog’s price in Pune ranges from ₹30,000 – ₹60,000 confirmed by popular pet My Wag N Tails in Kharadi.

Factor Which affects Maltese Dog Price

The average cost of Maltese dogs in India ranges from ₹40,000 to ₹90,000. Other factors influence the buying and managing prices of the Maltese breed. 

Age & Gender

When you’re planning on buying Maltese, age and gender play a significant role in deciding. It’s possible to get tricked by Maltese’s cute faces and think they are small. That being said, the size of the deciding factor for their age. 

Males Maltese are more expensive than females, and puppies are even higher than adults simply because of the demand.

The reason is pretty simple: demand is higher for males and puppies. Generally, the older the dog gets, the less it will be worth.

Purity of breed

Breed’s purity plays an important role in the breed. Maltese dogs (pure breed) are highly in demand and hence more expensive than mixed breed dogs.

More high sales of purebred dogs are because of the specific characteristics mixed breed doesn’t have. The pure breed comes with generational qualities that make them real. 

When purchasing a Maltese dog, you should ask the breeder whether the dog is original or mixed.

Breeder’s Reputation

When looking for a reputable breeder, you need proper groundwork. If you consider bringing this fluffy friend home, you can’t jump into a random dog dealer and land up in a mess. 

Good research will lead you to the right breeder who knows the ins and outs of the Maltese dog and will guide you in your buying process. You can trust a good breeder because they are into producing healthy dogs with any genetic defects.

Lineage of the dog

The price of the Maltese dog is largely affected by the bloodline. The more popular the lineage, the higher the price of the dog. The bloodline of some Maltese makes them more premium than the rest.

The Maltese dog is an age-old breed. Many think it belongs to one of several small “bichon” dogs of the Mediterranean for thousands of years. But the exact origin is still a mystery as the breed is developing. 

Many think that Maltese come from the island of Malta and is a fad dog that was in fashion suddenly and disappeared. More people prefer Maltese dogs because of the “oldest” tag attached to them. This demand for Maltese makes them costlier than the mixed breed.


Finding the best breed is more convenient online, like how we shop for other stuff online. If you’re a Maltese fan, but your place is unavailable, the best place to look out is online.

Reason –  you are likely to get more variety of Maltese and learn about their quality and pricing. Purchasing online comes with an extra cost. You must pay delivery charges if the shop is not in your location. Also, if your location has limited access to the particular breed, your local breed will sell for more. But if you have a transportation facility, you can travel outside your place for a better deal.

Keep in mind the availability of the breed highly influences the price. During winter, the breed is super expensive than in any other season.

Maltese Dog Maintenance Cost

Feeding and nutrition

Contrary to popular belief, Maltese dogs can do quite well on a range of foods if you have a healthy breed. 

You can give Maltese dogs good quality kibble specifically made for them with organic, grain-free dog food. Too many treats can be a spoiler, leading to being overweight. Always consult the pet professional if you don’t know what to feed.


If you’re new to Maltese dogs, they are in different colours – including white, black, and brown. You must regularly groom their short coats to prevent matting and make them presentable.

You don’t have to worry too much about Maltese dog grooming as they are low-maintenance dogs. But you can brush them weekly and give them a good wash for 2-3 weeks based on outdoor activities.


Did your vet advise you to follow a certain diet for the puppy/adult Maltese dog? All the steps you take to maintain a good bond with the toy-sized dog breed count.

Maltese, the tiniest breed, has specific nutritional necessities like any other dog breed. What works one for one breed may not be the same as Maltese. 


Maltese dogs are considered the healthiest dogs around. The average life span is 12-15 years if the owner treats them well. 

Maltese owner often complains about low visibility problem in their pet. The breed is also prone to Patellar luxation, Portosystemic liver shunt, Hypoglycemia, Skin allergies, and other skin-related conditions. However, with a little care, it takes Maltese dogs a long way, happy and healthy!

You know what you should know about Maltese prices in India before bringing it home. You have a good reason to buy this popular pet from a well-known breeder. What’s stopping you?

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