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Poodle Price In India

Poodle Price In India – An Overview 

Who doesn’t want to have a cute pooch at home, especially if it’s a poodle? Poodles are one of the world’s most popular and loveable dog breeds. You want to keep them as your fur-iend. Whether it’s a standard Poodle, medium Poodle, Miniature Poodle, or toy Poodle – their DNA is marked with smartness, cuteness, and loyalty.

From the standard Poodle to the toy Poodle, these dogs are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and loving personalities. If you’re looking for a new companion, a Poodle dog is an excellent choice.

But before you bring one home, you should know a few things. Read on for a comprehensive guide to Poodle dogs and Poodle prices in India.

City-Wise Poodle Dog Price In India

Find the details of the major cities where the Poodle dog breed is available for sale, along with their corresponding price range.

✅ Poodle dogs in Chennai can range from anywhere between ₹35,000 – 70,000, confirmed by the famous pet shop AS Kennel in Jafferkhanpet.

✅ Poodle dog in Mumbai can range from anywhere between ₹28,000 – 68,000 confirmed by popular pet shop Pet Destination in Malad West.

✅ Samoyed dog’s price in Bangalore ranges from anywhere between ₹38,000 – 75,000 confirmed by popular pet shop Starscream Kennel in Ejipura.

✅ In Delhi, Poodle dog can range from anywhere between ₹35,000 – 75,000 confirmed by popular pet store Doodle Over Poodle located in Punjabi Bagh.

✅ The price of a Poodle dog in Hyderabad ranges from anywhere between ₹36,000 – 70,000 confirmed by famous pet shop Wishwas Pet World India in Banjara Hills.

✅ Poodle dog’s price in Kolkata ranges from anywhere between ₹20,000 – 65,000 confirmed by popular pet shop Flower Pets in Birati.

✅ In Pune, Poodle dog can cost anywhere between ₹22,000 – 65,000 confirmed by popular pet store SangFroid Kennel located in Kondhwa Budruk.

Factor Which affects Poodle dog Price

The Poodle’s price in India can range between ₹30,000 to ₹70,000. Various factors affect the price tag of the Poodle breed in India. It’s not like one price fits all. You’ll read about the things that affect the pricing of the Poodle dog.

Type of breed

The price of a Poodle depends on the one you pick. Standard Poodle can be pricey compared to miniature, medium, and toy varieties. The longer/thicker coat and size largely affect the breed’s price. 

If you’re sure to bring a Poodle home, do research on prices available in the dog market before making a purchase decision. 

 Age and size

Like any other breed, pup Poodle prices are always higher than adults as they are always in demand. The breeders charge more for pups because more people ask for a pup that’s already trained, reducing the cost of training. 

Poodles have a comparatively long lifespan, with the smaller Poodles having an average lifespan of 17 years, while the standards live for 12 to 14 years.

The size of Poodle can also affect the price. For example, the larger the size, the cost of food, grooming, and other expenses comes into account, which higher than any other breeds!

Breeder’s reputation

Finding the right and reputable is important as everything else depends on this! If you find a good breeder, it’s a deal breaker! A trustable breeder takes you one step closer to your pup/dog.

Breeders are the storehouse of resources you need to know your pet! They bridge the gap between you and the pet for a lifetime. But it’s not always easy to find a breeder, and getting a good breeder may cost more money!

Coat colour

Your pup’s coat colour can have a drastic effect on the price. Since white Poodles are common and in high demand, their prices are higher than any other shades. 

Location and Demand

The geographical location affects the cost of the Poodle purchase. For example, the price is high if your area has a high demand for Poodle pups. In another situation, if your area doesn’t have access to pup facilities, you might travel long distances to buy essentials or even spend a huge amount on transportation costs. 

Poodle Dog Maintenance Cost

Food and nutrients

Poodles need a well-balanced nutritional diet to stay mentally and physically strong. The newborns and puppies need more calories for growth. Additionally, if your doggy is super active, you must feed them healthy food to keep them pumped up. Dog food varies from location to location and brand to brand. If you’re unsure what your pet needs, always ask the vet about the Poodle diet.

For example, the cost of feeding a toy Poodle depends on the quality and quantity of the food. Good quality food costs ₹2000 to ₹3500 per month, and medium-grade food costs a little less.

Buying dog food from big brands may range between ₹5000 to ₹10000. You can also feed them at home, which saves your pockets. The same may not be the case for other Poodle varieties. The cost of food may change based on requirements. 

Grooming essentials

Poodles are known for their beautiful fluffy fur, which is different from any other furry breed. Hence, this requires extra grooming care. The best way to know what comes under Poodle grooming – 

  • Bathe time
  • Teeth brushing
  • Nail trimming
  • Combing, cutting, and brushing hair

You can include these four things in your Poodle’s grooming, so they are spick and span. The monthly grooming budget for your Poodle can range from ₹2,500 to ₹4,000, depending on the level of grooming it requires. Also, the size of your Poodle can affect this price. 

Vet visits, medication, vaccination 

Poodles attract certain genetic conditions that are expensive to treat. While all breeds of dogs can suffer from inherited diseases, Poodles are prone to hip dysplasia, eye disorders, and seizures.

Vet visits are accompanied by vaccines and deworming. Vaccines for Toy Poodles cost around ₹4,000. Deworming medicines should also never be skipped and be taken as prescribed by your vet. Deworming medicines don’t usually exceed the ₹500 price limit. 

On an average, monthly expenses for your You Poodles’s vet visits will fall under ₹20,000.

Training cost

Training a Poodle dog can be exciting and daunting, especially if you’re a new pet owner. While Poodles are known for their fun-loving traits, they can also become a stubborn streak.

If you’re not equipped to train the pup/dog, you might need a professional trainer who can teach commands and etiquette to be around humans. You should find a gentle trainer for your pup/dog. Learning requires patience, and if it’s rushed, the pet gets agitated. 

Your cost of finding the right trainer depends on the level of training you want to give your pet. A top-quality trainer always has a high purse value!

Poodles love you more if you love them more. If you’re determined to bring this breed home, buckle up to walk that extra mile and care for the Poodle you always wanted!

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