Samoyed Dog Price In India: A Comprehensive Breakdown

Samoyed Dog Price In India

Samoyed Dog Price In India – An Overview

Are you thinking about buying/adopting a pawfect pup who fills your Instagram with an overload of cuteness? While Samoyed is too cute to ignore, you also need to know if they fit your pockets.

Samoyed breed is a pawsome pup to bring home, but it might burn your pockets if you have yet to learn of their price value. As the priciest pups in the world, one doesn’t simply own it. 

Aside from the sky-high puppy price tag, there’s a lot one needs to spend to maintain them. Samoyed’s dense hair makes it difficult and puts them under high-maintenance dogs. Much money goes into frequent grooming, quality dog food, and regular vet checkups. 

If you’re still considering getting one home and have all it takes to bond with this pup, you’re the lucky one, and this blog is all you need to level up your love for the pet!

City-Wise Samoyed Dog Price In India

Mentioned below is a detailed table of all the major cities where the Samoyed dog breed is available for sale, along with their corresponding price range.

✅ Samoyed dogs in Chennai can range from anywhere between ₹60,000 – ₹1,10,000, confirmed by the famous pet shop Pet Spot in Velachery, Chennai.

✅ Samoyed dog in Mumbai can range from anywhere between ₹50,000 – ₹1,00,000 confirmed by popular pet shop Dav Pet Lover’s in Dwarka.

✅ Samoyed dog’s price in Bangalore ranges from anywhere between ₹55,000 – ₹1,20,000 confirmed by popular pet shop Pets Gallery in Sahakar Nagar.

✅ In Delhi, Samoyed dog can range from anywhere between ₹53,000 – ₹1,10,000 confirmed by popular pet store Bittoo Pet Shop located in Safdarjung Enclave, Delhi.

✅ The price of a Samoyed dog in Hyderabad ranges from anywhere between ₹61,000 – 1,10,000, confirmed by famous pet shop Lucky Pet Shops in Chanda Nagar.

✅ Samoyed dog’s price in Kolkata ranges from anywhere between ₹60,000 – ₹1,10,000 confirmed by popular pet shop Pet Mall in near Salt Lake.

✅ In Pune, Samoyed dog can cost anywhere between ₹55,000 – ₹1,10,000 confirmed by popular pet store Alena Pets Kennels located in Wadgaon Sheri.

Factor Which Affects Samoyed Dog Price In India

Coat colours

The coat colour can influence the price of a Samoyed puppy. For example, the rarest shade biscuit Samoyeds are more expensive than other shades. The uniqueness of the colour differentiates the price tag of the puppy. 

Samoyeds are one of the 14 ancient breeds with comparable genetic traits to wolves. They are often seen in white coats, which are white as snow.

 Purity of breed / bloodline

The average cost of a Samoyed can soar beyond the actual price if you’re looking for a show-quality puffy pup. The value of puppies born with royal bloodlines or lineage is high and sold at a premium cost.

Breeder’s reputation

As with any other dog lover, your top priority is finding a reputable breeder who will provide you with a puppy free from genetic defects and of top quality. 

Reputable breeders care for adult dogs and puppies and help them find new homes – potential owners who can treat Samoyed, making them feel they belong and are safe to thrive. However, reputable dog breeders often charge a hefty amount for their services.

Socialization and training

Some breeders train the furry friend before handing them to potential families. This training helps Samoyed to socialize with the new people and the environment. 

The dog training enables Samoyed to adopt the new change in the right spirit without throwing tantrums. However, this cost of training is expensive. Trainers charge a bomb to teach commands and behaviour. 

Location and Demand

The rare nature of the Samoyed breed makes it super expensive and unavailable in most of the market. When there’s a huge demand for Samoyed, the price shoots up, leading you to spend more money than you thought!

Samoyed’s price in India ranges from ₹50,000 –  ₹1,00,000. Getting the breed during the sale/exhibition is cheaper than the store. You can see a pup/dog at a great discount. Place and availability largely affect the price of this rare dog. Always check online before going to the shop or breeder.

Samoyed Dog Maintenance Cost

Food cost

Here’s what you expect when you sign up for Samoyed! The double coat fur and the strong bones need high-quality dog food to survive and thrive in India, considering the climatic factors that can influence pet’s health. 

Samoyed need a richness of protein and other supplements for their growth and development. Therefore, good dog food will cost you around ₹10,000 to ₹15,500.

Grooming essentials

Instead of having your Samoyed dog professionally groomed, you can buy grooming essentials and equip yourself with how to do it. It can be a wonderful time to even bond with your pet. 

Samoyed needs a good brush for the bushy coat fur, scissors, nail clippers for regular trimming, and toys that keep them engaged.

Vet visits

During the first few weeks, you should visit the local vet clinic frequently to ensure your pup is growing healthy and is in shape. You can also ask them for recommendations on topics like diet and training. Allot around ₹8000 to ₹24,000 for your pet’s first vet visits.

Based on vet visit, you can keep track of your pup’s weight and focus on the diet that nourishes them or activities that will tone them down

Medication and vaccination

A reputed breeder always brings vaccinated Samoyed puppies to prevent common diseases. However, there are some moments you’re likely to get additional vaccines. You can keep ₹3,000 – ₹4,000 in your budget for getting vaccination shots yearly. 

If your Samoyed puppy hasn’t received deworming or flea and tick preventatives, you should pay around ₹2,000 for these medications. A pup breeding with parasites is always at risk. 

Neutering and spaying

Neutering and spaying prevent life-threatening diseases like cancer. Breeders and vets highly recommend you both take this process. The painful process brings commendable benefits that make it worthwhile. Breeding isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, as it takes a lot. So if breeding is not your intention, ensure you neuter and spay your Samoyed.

Neutering and spaying charges in India range from ₹8,000 to ₹15,000.

Finally, you should know Samoyed are the difficult dogs to win! If you haven’t thought about what goes behind taking care of this furry friend, it’s time to make a note of things to do and save your pockets from ripping off! 

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