Wifi Pet Tracking: Secure & Locate Your Furry Friends

Wifi Pet Tracker

Pets are part of a family, and they need the same love, affection and care that you give to humans. However, as much as it is crucial for us to shower them with love, it is equally important to keep them safe and secure. With the evolution of the Internet, there is quite a lot of pet tracking technology available these days, which helps us track our pets and ensure they are safe and sound.

Evolution of Pet Tracking Technology

Pet Tracking technology has come a long way with the advancement of technology from a simple pet identification tag to now Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi tracking and so on. Here we will discuss WiFi pet tracking, its advantages and features.

Understanding WiFi Pet Trackers

How WiFi Pet Trackers Work

A tag with the tracker is attached to the pet’s collar, which is used to track the pet. The tracker uses the WiFi signal and advanced algorithms, which help detect the pet’s location. You can connect your pet tracker to your home WiFi network, and you can even access it across all your devices like mobile phones, iPad, laptops, etc.., and get real-time updates of your pet’s location. The Pet Tracker also lets you create a space limit for your pet, and if your pet crosses that particular area, you get notified instantly.

WiFi vs GPS vs Bluetooth Trackers

The GPS pet trackers use satellite signals to detect and locate your pet which is difficult when your pet goes into an area with limited to no network coverage. The GPS tracker also would require a subscription to access the service fully. 

When it comes to Bluetooth trackers, they are in the affordable price range, but they have a very limited range to track your pet. On the other hand, the WiFi tracker strikes the perfect balance between price point and functionality, which would be the best pick for you.

Benefits of Choosing WiFi Pet Trackers

There are quite a lot of benefits to choosing WiFi pet trackers, such as its price point, which is affordable, and the range, which is better than most trackers available these days. In addition, the WiFi pet trackers give you real-time updates and can also be accessed across all your devices seamlessly.

Key Features of WiFi Pet Trackers

Real-Time Location Tracking

If you are away from your pet and want to know their exact current location of them, the Real-Time tracking feature comes in handy and updates you about the precise location of your pet.

Safe Zone Alerts

Some places in our might be unsafe for our pets, like the kitchen area, the front door area etc..with the Safe Zone alert feature, the tracker notifies you when your pet crosses the virtual Safe Zone area. This way, you can save your pets from getting lost or getting hurt.

Activity Monitoring

Pets need to have certain activity levels and play in order for them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Activity Monitoring in the Pet WiFi tracker tracks your pet’s energy and activity levels, which gives you insights into your pet’s health.

Health and Wellness Insights

When it comes to Health and Wellness Insights, certain pet trackers have the feature to check the pet’s body temperature, heart rate and even sleeping pattern.

Integration with Smart Home Devices

WiFi pet trackers can easily be integrated with your smart home devices, such as your security cameras, mobile phones, iPad, and so on, with just a few clicks.

Choosing the Right WiFi Pet Tracker for Your Pet

Size and Weight Considerations

Choosing the right-sized tracker is one of the important factors you must keep in mind. Make sure to buy the right size and right weight that is easy for your pet to wear. 

Battery Life and Charging Options

Battery life is yet another important factor to consider when buying a pet tracker. Make sure you check the battery life and choose a brand that offers high battery life with multiple charging options.

Subscription Plans and Costs

Most pet trackers offer free plans to track pets. However, certain brands do offer subscription plans and provide additional features like heart rate monitoring, temperature checks etc..,

Waterproof and Durability Factors

If your pet loves to play in the water and gets wet quite often, it is wise for you to pick a Waterproof tracker, which is highly durable.

Compatibility with Mobile Devices

Make sure you choose a tracker that is easy to connect and access with other smart devices so that you can connect your tracker across all your smart devices.

Setting Up Your WiFi Pet Tracker

Device Activation and Registration

Once you buy the tracker, open the user manual and set up the device. Next, you may need to download an app and register to connect your tracker to your phone or any device you use.

Attaching the Tracker to Your Pet’s Collar

Some brands provide a separate collar for you to attach the collar, whereas some brands don’t. Make sure you securely attach the tracker to the collar.

Configuring Safe Zones and Alerts

Set up safe zones and alerts using the app. A safe Zone is a space where there is no danger for the pet to play and roam, and the alert is for if your pet crosses the safe zone, you get notified immediately.

Maximizing the Use of Your WiFi Pet Tracker

Monitoring and Analyzing Pet Data

With the collected data of your pet, like the heart rate, activity levels, etc.., make sure you analyze them regularly to be updated on their health.

Routine Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Make sure to keep the WiFi tracker clean and update the app whenever there is a new update.

Ensuring Optimal WiFi Connectivity

Ensure you have a strong WiFi connection at your house for the optimal function of the tracker. If your WiFi is a little slow, change your connection to a better service provider.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Privacy Concerns

As much as the pet trackers are made to keep the pets safe and secure, certain brands might have some privacy issues, like tracking your location and saving them. So be sure to read the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the tracker you buy.

Pet Welfare and Comfort

Ensure that the tracker is properly attached to your pet’s collar and your pet is comfortable. Recheck the comfort level of your pet every once in a while.

Responsible Pet Ownership

It is important to track and keep your pet safe, but it is equally important to take care of them by being them and protecting them. Make sure you treat your pets like family, not just like an asset you own.


The Future of Pet Tracking Technology

 If you have a pet at home and want to monitor them, investing in a WiFi pet tracker is a great idea. With the growth in technology, Pet trackers are also evolving, and we can expect even more features with pet trackers in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can WiFi pet trackers be used for indoor tracking?

Absolutely Yes. The WiFi pet trackers use WiFi signals to track your pet, which makes them a great option for indoor tracking purposes or any other WiFi-enabled places.

Are there any potential health risks associated with WiFi pet trackers?

The WiFi pet trackers emit very less RF(Radio Frequency) energy which is generally considered safe for pets. However, if you are concerned or your pet has health issues, please consult your veterinarian before investing in a pet tracker. 

How can I improve the accuracy of my WiFi pet tracker?

To improve the accuracy of your WiFi pet tracker, choose a WiFi service provider with high network coverage and make sure to use your WiFi and the tracker to their full potential by reading the user manual and exploring the settings.

What should I do if my pet’s WiFi tracker is lost or damaged?

Each brand has its own set of terms and conditions for lost or damaged electronics. To get the right information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the concerned customer care.

Can WiFi pet trackers be used for pets other than dogs and cats?

Most Pet trackers are specifically designed for dogs and cats. However, they can be used to track other animals too. Make sure you contact the concerned brand and ask them if the tracker suits your pet. You can also have a word with your veterinarian if using the tracker is safe for your pet. 

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