🇭🇷 Croatian Dog Breeds: Dogs From The Land Of A Thousand Islands

🐶 Croatian Sheepdog

The Croatian Sheepdog is known for its athletic, assertive and keen demeanour. These Croatian Dog Breeds are an ancient breed that has been popular among the Shepherds for ages. The Croatian Sheepdog is used for herding, managing cattle flocks and guarding purposes. These dogs make very loving and gentle family companions. They have a striking look featuring a long slender body, curved tail, and a wavy, coarse coat commonly of black shade. This dog weighs (13 – 20)kgs, has a height of (40 – 53) cm, and has 13-14 years of longevity. Croatian Sheepdogs are very trainable and require an active exercise regime. These rare dogs are pretty expensive and are low maintenance.

🐶 Dalmatian

The quirky Dalmatian is very popular worldwide, including in the entertainment industry for its iconic look. The Dalmatian is intelligent, energetic and goofy and is a swift runner by nature. These Croatian Dog Breeds were initially used as carriage dogs, circus performers and hunting. Dalmatians make very playful and affectionate family dogs. Dalmatians have a classic short white coat with black or brown spots and a slim body with a lean muscular frame. They stand about (58–61) cm tall and weigh (15-32)kgs for 12-14 years. Dalmatians are genetically prone to deafness which is a trait as it is widespread amongst this breed. They are low maintenance and are relatively expensive.

🐶 Istrian short-haired hound

The intelligent Istrian short-haired hound is one of the oldest breeds of scent hound used for working in the fields in Croatia. These Croatian Dog Breeds are used for hunting. They can be active family companions but are generally not kept as pets. These working dogs are brilliant, energetic and alert. Their hunting skills are noteworthy, and they need extensive exercise to cope with their stamina. They have a muscular frame and a short white-haired coat with orange patches. These hounds weigh (35-45) lb, stand (18-21) inches high and have a lifespan of 12-15 years. They are moderately expensive and require low grooming needs.

🐶 Old Croatian Sighthound

The Old Croatian Sighthound or Hrti Sighthound is an extinct breed of Sighthounds. They were calm, intelligent and gentle dogs. These Croatian Dog Breeds were used for hunting hare and coursing. They hunted on behalf of their masters. The Old Croatian Sighthound was hit hard by the ravages of the wars as some were killed while others faced a shortage of food. The process of restoration was undertaken, which failed too, resulting in its extinction. They were long slender breeds with coats of white, black or dark brown shades. Their weight was about (23-28)kgs, stood (23-25) inches tall and had a lifespan of 11-14 years. These sighthounds were easy maintenance as well.

🐶 Posavac Hound

The Posavac Hound is an old breed of scent hound used for hunting small game. These hounds are watchdogs and are ideal for active families. These Croatian Dog Breeds are composed, enthusiastic and gentle. They love to lead packs. They are pretty vocal about their disappointments and are not ideal for apartment life. They have a similar look like the “”Beagle”” with characteristic floppy ears, medium-sized sturdy body, velvety short-haired white coat with typical red markings and whip-like tail. Posavacs weigh (16 – 20) kgs, stand (17-23) inches high and have a lifespan of 10-12 years. They are low maintenance and are not quite expensive.

🐶 Tornjak

Tornjak is a native shepherd dog also known as the Bosnian Herzegovinian Croatian Shepherd Dog. These Croatian Dog Breeds are livestock guardians and are also used for herding. Tornjak are devoted to their masters and are vigilant, intelligent and courageous. These dogs are fierce guard dogs and are suitable for families having homes with open yards. They are built resistant to cold weather conditions. Tornjak are large with a thick long-haired white coat with brown or black spots, bushy tail and powerful physique. They weigh about (28-50)kgs and (58-72) cm tall, and have a 10-12 years lifespan. Tornjak need high grooming and are expensive.

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