10 Top-Rated Dog Cafes in Chennai

Dog cafes in Chennai

How about going to a dog café where you can enjoy food and play with the dogs at the same time or imagine going to a café which is dog friendly because if you are a pet parent, then there would be a point in your life where you went to a place. Your pet was not allowed, and even if they were, then they would have to sit in a corner and watch you eat. We know this saddening feeling, which is why we have come with good news for you. Ahead in this blog, you will find the top dog cafes in Chennai, which you can visit and play around with your four-legged friends.

Top Rated Dog cafes in Chennai

🐶 Twisty Tails – Dog Themed Restaurant:

Twist Tails in Alwarpet is a wonderland for little doggies. It is a happy place and best for even those who are not used to being around dogs. Indeed, people feel comfortable here because the dogs here are harmless and quite obedient. It has an awesome pet-friendly resto-café which is probably the most famous in the city. Being a pet-friendly place, it also offers great food and experience for the pets.

🐶 The Bark

The Bark is one of the best places and famous for its dreamy interior and pocket-friendly food. It has an innovative name for their dishes and one of the best dog cafes in the city. The place has a great green backyard for your pets to play along with a pool where they laze out around in the sunlight or simply take a swim. The restaurant also offers great food at pocket-friendly prices.

🐶 PAWtastic – Gourmet Pet Food

A pet parent runs PAWtastic, and here you can get yummy treats for your pets. PAWtastic Gourmet pet food showcases all that will make your pets healthier, and they will also get tasty treats to enjoy. The place uses preservative-free and healthy ingredients to prepare cookies, treats, ice cream, cakes for your pets. The ingredients used are chemical-free.

Top Rated Pet-friendly cafes in Chennai

🐶 Wild Garden Café:

The café is suitable in the city’s heart and has more than serene setting to offer. The menu is elaborate, and the pet-friendly neighbourhood makes it one of the best places to visit with pets. The café is also loved for not just the food but also the setting. You can choose your favourite spots, and once you settle down, you can enjoy a menu selection which is carefully made with standards as well as regularly updated options.

🐶 Sandy’s Chocolate Laboratory:

The place is popular among chocolate lovers. The area has outdoor seating for people who like to bring pets along with them. The staff here is friendly and familiar with animals. Your pets will also feel welcomed and warm.

🐶 Ashvita Bistro:

It is a café which allows pets to come along with you and you can enjoy a cup of coffee here. The café is a bit small for outdoor seating, and it is not a problem for small pets. The only problem is that the place is slightly smaller for the larger dogs like Labrador, which might not be a very convenient seating arrangement.

🐶 Chamiers Café:

Chamiers Café is one of the gorgeous, long-standing cafés which is entirely indoors. They also have some outdoor seating in the café, which is pet friendly.

🐶 Crimson Chakra:

It is a home which is turned into a restaurant, and the place offers some of the most flavoursome and exotic food which is worth single penny. The most exciting part of this café is that it has a separate pet zone so if you plan to take your pet for the meal then make sure to book a table with them. An ideal date is always having your loyal friend right beside you.

🐶 Craveyard Café:

If you are looking for some good pizza company with your furry friend, Craveyard Café is the best place. The pet-friendly café is one of the best places for pizza and coffee lovers.

🐶 ATTE Glocal Cafe

The café is best for pet lovers with good food and enjoy some board games. They have curated a creative menu with some Tamil touch in naming the dishes. You can enjoy the food here while having a great time with your pets and the place has a great ambience. You can enjoy Ippadiku karuppu chocolate which is a must-try here.

These cafes are filled with happiness and little paws all around. They also help in filling out those empty spaces in your busy life. So the next time you head out to these cafes you need not worry about your pets anymore because you can bring them along with you and be taken care of very well.

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