Fertile Crescent Dog Breeds: Saluki Dog Breed From Mesopotamia

Fertile Crescent Dog Breeds


The Saluki, a sighthound, closely related to the Afghan Hound, is loyal, aloof, and reserved. These Fertile Crescent Dog Breeds were intense hunters of gazelles and hares for thousands of years. They were prevalent among the Royals of both the Middle East and the European world. Saluki is known as the fastest running dog with extreme endurance, even having Guinness World Records. They are very gentle family companions and need an active lifestyle. These dogs have an unusual look of thin, lean frame smooth coats of white, fawn, black-tan shades showing feathering on the ears and tail. This medium-sized dog is low maintenance, lives 12-14 years, and is prone to heart issues and hip dysplasia.

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