Pug Price In India: Complete Details For The New Buyers

Pug Dog Price In India

Did you get tricked by the pug’s wrinkled face and thought it was too old to bring home? You probably missed out on a whole of things you should know about pugs.

The small, loving, and famously adorable pug breed is known for its human-like nature that attracts people. In ancient times, Chinese nobility used this breed as their friend, which has now become a household pet.

This comical dog with charming behavioural traits is a great breed to be included in a family. Learn about the best prices before you take a buying decision.

City-Wise Pug Price In India

If you’re considering bringing a pug home and you’re from India’s major city, you should learn about the prices of the pug dog available for sale or adoption.

✅ The price of a pug dog in Chennai can range from anywhere between ₹8,000 to ₹30,000, confirmed by popular pet shop “Quality Pets” in Alapakkam, Chennai.

✅ Mumbai’s popular pet stores “PetsBARN” offers pug dog ranging from ₹12,000 to ₹32,000 and is located in Andheri West.

✅ Pugs in Bangalore can range from anywhere between ₹10,000 to ₹35,000 confirmed by an exclusive pet shop “Buy Dogs in Bangalore – Mylilpaw” located in Nagavara.

✅ The price of a pug dog in Delhi can range from anywhere between ₹9,000 to ₹31,000, confirmed by popular pet store Jagpal Kennel located in Kidwai Nagar .

✅ Pug dog in Hyderabad ranges from anywhere between ₹10,000 to ₹30,000 confirmed by well-known pet shop “Ammu’s Pets & Kennels” located in Banjara Hills.

✅ In Kolkata, a pug can range from anywhere between ₹7,000 to ₹25,000 confirmed by popular pet shop Pet Arena located in Paikpara.

✅ Pug dog in Pune ranges from anywhere between ₹10,000 to ₹40,000 confirmed by popular pet store Jetlines Kennel located in Saudagar.

Factor Which Affects Pug Dog Price In India

A purebred baby pug comes to around ₹20,000 – ₹25,000 based on the breeder’s reputation and lineage. You can also buy a mixed breed which costs around ₹5,000 – ₹7000 if the health condition is good.

There are more than one factors that affects the price of pug but the expensiveness of the breed is a subjective thing. You can buy and take care of the healthy pug if your pockets are worth it.

Quality Of The Pug Dog

Quality is one of the factors, including the price of the pug. While mixed breeds are available at lesser prices but you can’t take the guarantee of their good health.

Sooner or later, you might have to spend on their health and pay an excess of medical bills. The price range of pugs also depends on their quality. While all pugs have a stable temperament and loving disposition, buying a low-quality pug can be expensive.

Pedigree And Lineage

Pug’s origin matters in deciding the price. Pedigree may be one of the most important factors for price variation in all dog breeds, including pugs.

A pedigree pug dog is a purebred, meaning they have at least three generations without cross-breeding. Anything lesser than this is not a pedigree dog.

However, people are concerned about the overbreeding of pedigree dogs. Often they are bred again and again from the same family, which impacts the genetic diversity needed for a dog’s health. Most of the time, pugs have lower life expectancy due to in-breeding

The average pug life span lasts between 12-15 years, but inbreeding can lead to a lower life expectancy in pugs, reducing it to less than 15 years.

If the pug comes from a champion lineage, its price is expected to be higher than the others. The long history of superior ancestors makes them premium dogs!

Reputable Pug Breeder Coat

You can purchase a pug from two types of breeders – reputable and non-reputable breeders. However, a reputable breeder comes with a hefty amount.

A reputable breeder is highly responsible, all-knowing, ethical, and, most importantly, guide you the right way. You can get a lot from them while buying a pug.

Always go with the recommendation of legal organizations while seeking a breeder. Despite the higher cost, a recognised breeder keeps you assured that the pug you’re buying comes from a safer place.

Pug Coat Colors

Pugs come in two colours – fawn and black. However, some breeders also have other rare colours. But not everyone appreciate other coloured dogs for variation in prices even from the reputed breeders.

Often the “on-demand” colours are sold out in the pet shop than the less preferred colours. This supply and demand of pugs based on colours affects the price.

The brindle variations are rare and hence expensive. People opt for apricot, silver or apricot fawn colours, which sees a markup in the prices.

Location And Demand

The price of the pug puppy may vary drastically based on the geographic location. If you’re in one of the major cities listed above, you can easily learn about the prices because of the availability. But the supply can get expensive in the case of interiors, where you don’t have a pug store.

The cost of transportation, accessibility, and everything else needed to take care of your pet pug gets expensive.

Boarding Cost Of Pug Dog

There are dog boarding services available in India if you travel outside with or without your pug and need a stayover for your pet.

Boarding prices can vary based on your pet pug’s needs. You can make use of different facilities available to make your loyal companion feel at home during your absence.

Grooming Cost Of Pug Dog

Pugs shed hair annually, but this shedding is extreme during spring and autumn. When you groom your pug, you ensure a good bond with them.

With the help of grooming, you can remove old hair and dead skin cells. Grooming cleans off the dirt and excess oil lingering on your dog’s skin. Pug grooming is easy with the anti-shedding brush that makes the process fast.

A pug requires trimming hair on the ears, neck, feet, and nails. You must brush them once a week, trim their long hairs every 4-6 weeks and give them a good bath occasionally.

Overall, grooming a pug may cost you around ₹1,000rs to ₹1,500. If you have money, you can also take your pug to a professional pet groomer for an advanced pampering session.

Vaccination Cost Of Pug Dog

Vaccination keeps your dog’s health is a good state. It prevents causing diseases such as rabies, parvovirus, distemper, and hepatitis and stops the spread of these diseases.

You start your pet’s vaccination when the puppy is 6-7 weeks old to keep them safe.

Neutering/spaying Training Cost Of Pug Dog

If you don’t intend to breed your pug further, it’s safe to neuter/spay them. The surgery cost might be ₹10,000 but may vary from place to place.

The aftercare and other medicines for recovery cost an additional ₹1,000rs to ₹1,500.

Nutrition Cost Of Pug Dog

The good health of your pug depends on what it eats. Nutrition is important for pugs to thrive in the environment. Pugs can eat both homemade and rich dog food.

Their food must have high-quality and protein-rich Meat, such as chicken, fish, and cattle. The water intake should be 70 per cent, which is needed for their biological function.

Veterinarian Cost Of A Pug Dog

If your pug is of low quality or is not vaccinated, it might fall sick, calling for a doctor’s attention. As a pet owner, you must find a pet doctor who can give the right medical assistance to your companion dog.

The availability of a good veterinarian can affect the price of treatment. If medical assistance is not accessible, you have to travel a lot. Seeking pet insurance covers half your problem. It covers the cost of treatment and surgeries your pet needs.

Finally, did you make up your mind about buying a pug? Get ready to change your life by bringing a pug home and change your pug’s life with love and care.

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