🇦🇫 Afghanistan Dog Breeds: Dogs From Mountainous Landlocked Country.

Afghan Hound

One of the most popular Afghanistan Dog Breeds, Afghan Hound is distinguished by its thick and fine long hair. It is originated in Afghanistan.

The Afghan Hound is a popular breed of Afghanistan. The breed is originally named Tazi. It has long hair that is thought to be similar to the Pre-Christian era. It falls under the Hound dogs breed group. The height of Afghan Hound is around 24 to 26 inches tall at the shoulders and an average weight of 50 to 60 pounds. They survive for 10 to 12 years. The beauty of the dog is quite fascinating. It has a thick and fine silky coat with a tail having ring-like curls. The unique features of Afghanistan Dog Breeds having a different look is predominantly observed in Afghan Hound.

Kuchi Dog

Kuchi is one of the most popular Afghanistan Dog Breeds. It is a working shepherd dog that helps the localities to protect their cattle.

The most popular Kuchi dog breed is named after the Afgan Nomad, Kooche. The Afghanistan Dog breeds are popularly for their sturdy nature. Kuchi, too, emerged as a helpful working dog for the local Afghan migrants to guard their caravan. They live for 10-12 years and weigh around 88- 176 IBS. These dogs can adapt in any climate conditions. They have short hair, and mostly light colour is observed. Kuchi is a fearless and aggressive breed who has a robust, challenging attitude towards the predators like mountain lions, wolves and even bears. This fierce breed of Afghan is used for dog fights as well.

Khalag Tazi

One of the most distinguished Hounds is Khalag Tazi of Afghanistan. It is remarkable for a uniquely thick, long, textured silky coat and a ring curl at its tail. The extended topknot and high hipbones is a good-looking feature of Khalag Tazi. The Afghan hound is locally called Khalag Tazi. This breed is tall with a height of 24- 29inches and 20-27kg of weight. They are having a sound temperament but are often noticed to be happy and clownish while playing. This breed is recognized for its duty-bound nature and intelligence. One of the successful competitor hounds in the dog shows holding honorable positions to win in significant dog sport.

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