8 Places For Dog Adoption In Mumbai

Dog Adoption In Mumbai

Are you planning to adopt a dog? If you are, then it is a great idea! Adopting a dog will not only add a new family member to your house, but you will enjoy their company. Dogs are the best animal that helps in improving your health and make you happy. There is ample positive impact that a dog can offer to you. Dog Adoption in Mumbai is not a new thing; there are some perfect places where you can go and check out the incredible number of dogs.

Often parents wonder about their children, whether they will catch allergies or not! Should I adopt a pet or not! Well, it is always a great idea to have a pet around when your kid is growing. If your child is prone to allergies, then consult a doctor before adopting a dog. Otherwise, a child loves to be around a dog and play with them. Dogs are super friendly, and they adjust well with a family.

Top Places for Dog Adoption in Mumbai

Animal Matter To Me 

Animal Matter To Me- NGO based near Navi Mumbai, an ideal destination for the animal welfare and adoption center. They rescue dogs, treat them and hold programs to make people aware of how to treat an animal compassionately. The animal shelters are incredibly hard-working, and they will look out for donations for running the adopting center from time to time. If you are having time and resources, then rescue and foster animals. It is advised to reach out to them through a website other than any social media platform.

The Welfare Of Stray Dogs

The Welfare of Stray Dogs, popularly called WSD, is an organization that aims to take care of the dog roaming on the street. They treat them, heal them, and help them to find homes for themselves. The primary functions are to eradicate rabies and other severe health-related issues. They organize to adopt the drives and their kennels that have a lot of things for adoption too.

World For All Animal Care & Adoption 

It was organized in the year 2006. World For All is a top-rated non-profit organization that solely exists to give animals a much better place and position globally. From the adoption camps, the responsible people here are constantly rescuing and treating the animals looking to foster homes. These guys are primarily different from hosting events so far as to raise funds for their animals. If you come across this popular adaption camp, you can set it up for all the pet-friendly people, and the adoption process will be much easier.

Youth Organization in Defense of Animals 

The name is popularly known as YODA Rehabilitation Centre for Animals. It was all started by five animal lovers who wish to push away the puppy mills and pure bleeding concepts when seen in the country. They hope that the commoners will soon know the β€œDon’t shop! Please Adopt” policy. This slogan made a strong impact, and now it has slowly moved from one place to the other. There are full-fledged Facebook Groups that have been joined recently by thousands of animal lovers. The group of like-minded enthusiasts treats the rescued dogs with love, care, and affection. There are grout treats, rescues, rehomes for all the animals conducted through a solid background check and a follow-up after the adoption is done.

Save Our Strays

An active organization, Save our Stray, a famous place for dog adoption in Mumbai, is located at the Andheri West, Mumbai. It is a welfare organization that works majorly for the four sectors. Sterilization, vaccination, animal healthcare, and adoption process as well. They are active to regularly organize the adoption drives so that the four-legged friends will find a happy and loving home. They have rescued 2000 animals and work towards finding them a lovely family. They are open for donations and sponsors, so people are welcomed who are willing to take the lead.

Save The Paws

It is an animal welfare organization that works towards adopting and rescuing the animals from the streets and pets who have abandoned them, majorly their original owners. They work attentively to find rescue animals a loving home and a family. They run an entire adoption drive in Mumbai City, where you can stop by and meet the animals who have decided to adopt a new family member.  

IDA India – Deonar

It is a Non-profit grass root level animal protection organization dedicated to establishing and defending the rights of all non-human living creatures. You can donate if you care about the animals here through our various initiatives and rescues. Suppose you are willing to sponsor at the animal shelter to take the lead and get regular updates from the organization. Dog adoption in Mumbai from IDA India – Deonar is easy and convenient. You will be fully satisfied to find a little pet dog for your home.

Pet Owners And Animal Lovers Foundation (PAL Foundation)

It is a popular non-profit organization that works for a better future for the animals in the area of Thane in Mumbai. They started in 2010 as an enthusiastic dog lover who is willing to make a difference 2014. It is now a registered charitable organization which aims at bringing harmony between the human and the animals for the environment surrounding all of us. Numerous adoption campaigns take place, which eventually help in treating and rescuing animals and find them a new loving home. They powerfully evoke empathy and compassionate human beings who will adopt a dog not to protect the house but will be a part of their family.

To conclude, Dog Adoption in Mumbai is widespread due to these active organizations. An ardent animal lover is the one who has the potential to adopt a dog or any other animal and give them a happy home. Be clear and research well when you plan to buy animals and become their parent in this life journey.   

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