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Chippiparai Dog

Chippiparai Dog in South India is streamlined, graceful a sighthound breed found in India. It is often compared with other greyhound breeds as people cannot differentiate between the two species. At one glance, it looks genuinely similar. The agility and the lean body of this breed are remarkable. The Chippiparai dogs epitomize the solid and silent beauty of the hound dogs. It may be an Indian breed but have an international aura of its own. The Chippiparai dogs’ price in India is variable, and the Chippiparai dogs’ features are all mentioned in this blog for you to get an easy guide to it.

Easy Guide to Indie Canine Friends down South

In South India, Chippiparai dogs are loved and bought by many dog lovers as they are primarily significant to provide a guard to your home. It’s said ‘grass is greener on the other side.’ The adage applied to the Indian breed Chippiparai dogs often overlooked in consideration of the foreign breeds. The service and devotion that this dog offers to his master are way too impressive. Chippiparai Indie breed is sturdy and is capable of living in adverse conditions. They are likely to preserve their skills which the breeders and the owner’s treasure. Chippiparai Indian Dog breed is an ideal addition to your house, which is now living on the brink of extinction.

Insight into the Chippiparai breed: Origin and History

The roots of the Chippiparai dogs originated from the Egyptian breed of dogs called the Royal Dog of Egypt. It is an Arabian sighthound that is likely to be accompanied by their masters traveling to different places. These people are a soldier or Country Government professionals who need guard dog for training and safety. Chippiparai dogs are strong with a physical resemblance like Saluki.  The Chippiparai dogs form as a part of the King’s entourage that is engaged in pursuing the most famous royal recreation of the experience of hunting. This sense of vision is made for the companion to explore hunting with these dogs. They exchanged gifts with gems, jewels, elephants, and cloths were taken care of in ancient times, and Chippiparai dogs were treated as these gems too.

The downfall of the breed from these royal statues happened over time. The esteemed dogs lost royal patronage and a wealthy lifestyle. The reason hardly people know about this breed apart from only the Southern part of India. Chippiparai Dog breed belongs to the white race, which started to become the most precious object to the Indian psyche.

Physical Characteristics of Chippiparai dogs

Chippiparai dogs are brown, fawn, and silver-grey or reddish-brown colored. Few of them have white marking along with the various shades of grey and fawn color. The dog’s coat displays a dual shade well combined with black and tan or black and grey. The sighthound has a dome shape head, which is small and has alert eyes. It is medium-sized with a height of around 25 inches. 

Chippiparai dogs weights typically around 15 to 20 kgs. It is dangerous for them to put on extra weight. They don’t generally, as their body structure is like that. They live around 12 to 15 years. The slender of the Chippiparai dogs are straight, long, and thin, which helps them run very fast. They are ideal athletes who can fast run and roll up to catch their target. They have a deep chest with all the organs placed rightly, and their tummy is upward curved. The Chippiparai breed has short hair, which makes them appropriately suitable for residing in any climate. They have narrow jaws that may look week, but it is powerful, and you can call it ‘jaws of a hunter.

Unique aspects of Chippiparai Dogs

The sighthounds have an eye positioned at the 270-degree scope of vision. It is much more than any other breed has! The first thing you will notice hoe skin they are, but never go by its cover; they are much strong and active. They can starve for days without losing much of the body weight.  Their body weight is mainly the calculation estimated from bones and muscles.

Is there any variety of Chippiparai Dogs?

Not recognized as a breed belonging to a significant kennel club, Chippiparai Dogs have various them differentiated in terms of colors.  There are four shades of this breed brown, fawn, silver-grey, and reddish. Some have shades of another color like grey and fawn on it.

The temperament of Chippiparai Dogs

  • Territorial
  • Watchdog
  • Independent
  • Robust
  • Loyal

Known for its royalty lineage- this breed is an excellent, intelligent, and devoted dog. The temperament can be considered unfriendly and seems reserved at the first meeting.  The dogs are exceptionally over-protected about their masters, and if they suspect anything, they can be deadly as well.  The interesting things in this dog can be great if socialized well with several people.  They aren’t good with other animals as the tendency of hunting persists.  They are likely to kill other pets at home if not mixed well.  It is an ideal watchdog.

Chippiparai Bite Type and Jaw Strength

The biting potential of the Chippiparai breed is low as they do not aggressively bite.  But if the dogs do, the strength of biting can kill the person or leave deep wounds.

The Purpose of Chippiparai Dogs: Low maintenance Guard Dog

Chippiparai Dogs are for hunting, and they need a lot of physical exertion. Their energy level is super, and they can exercise up to 45 minutes a day. The primary purpose of choosing Chippiparai Dogs is because of their guard dog/ watchdog specialty. They are deficient maintenance dogs. The skin coat is prone to flea but using good shampoo is good for them.  You can make him vegetarian or non-vegetarian as well. There is minimal food and grooming required for this dog. It is a perfect watch over the dog to keep your house safe from unwanted visitors. 

Do Chippiparai make Good Family Dogs?

Chippiparai Dogs are not friendly with strangers, children, cats, and other pets at home. They are good with other dogs of whichever breed it is!  If you want more and more dogs in your family, then you can keep it with a Chippiparai breed as well.  They are the best dog to stay in the office for protection and guard purposes.  They are only good with their masters, having an easy-going personality.

How easily is Chippiparai Dog Trained?

To train Chippiparai Dogs in South India is remarkably an easy job. They are intelligent, energetic, and active. These features make it easy for the trainer to channelize them with appropriate training to hunt and keep the house safe. If you are a firm and gentle trainer, they will be consistent with you while training every day.  They tend to be nervous and do not respond to harsh training processes or treatment. They are highly moody at times. It is recommended that you socialize with them and several other animals to break their completely no-tolerant features.  The dog is often trained with the familiarized sounds, sights, and scents.

Grooming and Nutrition of Chippiparai Dog

Chippiparai Dogs do not need much grooming. They can be brushed once or twice a week. They love to be massaged sometimes. 

Health: They suffer from one common health issue of Hip Dysplasia. The thigh bone of the Chippiparai dog does not fit in snugly at the hip joints. They often suffer from body pain as they ages. Thus it is vital to include protein, calcium, and a lot of vitamins in their diet.  They also suffer from Patellar Luxation, which is the dislocation of the ball and socket joints in both directions.

  • For a below six months Chippiparai Dogs, meals must be three times a day.
  • For six months above Chippiparai Dogs, two times meal in a day is just perfect.

The nutrition of the Chippiparai Dogs is essential. Try to use top-quality dry dog food to ensure the balanced nutrition in the Chippiparai breed is well circulated. Add plenty of water, canned food, chicken broth, cooked eggs, cottage cheese, fruits, and vegetables to his daily diet.

How to handle your Chippiparai Dogs?

Handling the puppy Chippiparai Dogs is easy. Place your hand beneath the dog’s chest with your forearm or hand and support the back leg and rump. Never try to grab him/her or lift them from the back holding the neck. If you are raising a larger grown Chippiparai, then you can turn and bite you or shout at the top of their voice as this hurts them a lot.

Breeding Chippiparai Dogs

Chippiparai Dogs are very healthy dogs with robust features. They are sexually active between six to nine months of age. If you intend to mate the dog, wait for at least two years ago to reach for a healthy birth of new babies. They can be coupled many times with an average litter birth of 4-7 puppies in good health. If you are breeding your Chippiparai dog for the first time, get in touch with expert breeders to get it done professionally. These aggressive breeds need professional guidance at first to ensure a swift breeding process.  This breed can litter once a year.

Chippiparai puppies

 It is fun to handle Chippiparai puppies. The main trouble they give is with their unbelievable speed. They are super active dogs who can play the entire day and night. You cannot leave them alone at home as they are destructive. Early socialization of the dog is the primary house training that helps your dog to grow friendly.  If you want a severe guard dog, keep him separate from a family with one person.

Pros of Chippiparai dogs

  • Perfect Indian weather accustomed dog
  • Highly sensible guard dog
  • Easy to groom
  • Low maintenance
  • Super energetic
  • Apartment friendly
  • Watchdog ability
  • Weight gain potential is low
  • Trainability is high
  • One master dog

Cons of Chippiparai Dogs

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Bone dislocation
  • Impulsive while wandering or roaming
  • Not Child-friendly
  • Not Cat- friendly
  • Not Office-friendly
  • No Senior citizen- friendly
  • Needs regular exercise
  • Can be highly aggressive if any suspicion is felt near to his/her master

Chippiparai Dog FAQ

What is the best food for Chippiparai dogs?

It is essential to use top-quality dry dog food to ensure balanced nutrition, adding plenty of water, canned food, chicken broth, cooked eggs, cottage cheese, fruits, and vegetables to his daily diet.

What is the difference between Kanni and Chippiparai dogs?

The breed Kanni refers to the black and tan Variety of the Chippiparai breed. Apart from color, there is no difference between these two breeds in terms of specifications and features.

Do Indian Chippiparai dogs make good pets?

Yes, they do make great pets. It solely depends on which way you are training him/her from the puppy stage.

Is 61-64 km/hr. the actual speed of a Chippiparai dog?

Yes, even more, if required. The Chippiparai dogs can run very fast

How many degrees can a sighthound dog-like Chippiparai see?

They can see at a unique measure of 270 degrees at one go which is ultimately a significant aspect of this dog.

Do the Chippiparai dogs drool?

They are the average drooler, who unintentional saliva flowing outside the mouth. It can be very typical to have a sign of a health problem. If you notice any drooling habit change, then contact your vet.

How long Chippiparai dog pregnancy does last?

It lasts for 60- 64 days. The first period called proestrus, stays for nine days. At this time, the female dog attracts the males. Swelling at the valves is noticed this time, along with bloody discharge. Mating is best and successful at this time. It lasts for 3- 11 days.

How much food does my Chippiparai dog require?

Use 2.5 to 4 cups of high-quality dry food is ideal, divided into two meals.

Are these Chippiparai dogs good at Search and rescue (SAR)?

These dogs are not good in Search and rescue (SAR). The valuable component to track the wilderness, natural disasters, and mass casualty events.

 Is Chippiparai dogs’ good sniffer dog?

No, not at all! The Chippiparai dogs are not good at detection or sniffing. Despite so much competence in running and good training,  army or government officials do not use them.

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