A Quick Guide to Indian Canine: Bakharwal Dog

Bakharwal Dog

One of the rarest Himalayan Indian Breeds, Bakharwal Dog, is a must to explore. It is indigenous to higher altitudes of Jammu and Kashmir in India. The aura of the dog is beautiful. It is interesting to know that the dog is vegetarian and avoids having fish. This breed has a double coat skin with an outer coating of long hair. They are sturdy, stout, and have strong legs with a bushy tail. Let’s dig into the deeper detail of the Bakharwal Dog in India.

History of the Bakharwal Dog: Rare Breed

The Bakharwal Dog is said to be obtained by crossing a wolf and a Molosser sheepdog around 300 years ago. However, history matters to be in debate till now. Some say that the breed has originated in the Jammu and Kashmir, mixing two migratory species, namely Gujjar and Bakharwals. These are found in the Pir Panjal Mountain range in the Northern Himalayas.

In the year 1857, while the uprising in India was observed, these dogs are pressed into service and kept in the front line for strict security purposes. They were meant to keep in the group for protection and heavy casualties. With time the breed slowly lost the producing capability, as the females couldn’t litter many puppies. They produced one litter each year, made Bakharwal dog a rare species now.

Bakharwal dog’s temperament & Personality 

The dog is highly independent by its attributes, nature, and loyal to the master. They are ferocious protectors to their master. They are extraordinarily fearless, and the trait of a wild animal, mainly a wolf, is observed. They love to stand by their owner and do everything to protect them.

Bakharwal dog is often pet by the Northern People in Indian for their excellent guard dog specialty. They are entirely an aggressive dog who is not at all suitable for keeping with the families. However, the puppies are very playful and do not show any bold features.

Bakharwal Dog appearance 

The physical characteristics of the Bakharwal dog in India are significant. They are heavily boned with a deep chest and a great deal of muscle, with a bit leaner than most Asian Molossers. The breed typically has a strong shoulder and stout look. A full-grown Bakharwal dog weighs between 85 to 130 pounds, with a well-built, large head, thick muscular neck, short and long hair, black nose, and almond-shaped brown or amber eyes. They have excellent hair coats, which makes it evident that they are from the mountain area. The hair coat color is white, beige, and black mixed that creates a lovely charm.

Unique Aspects of the Bakharwal dog 

The breed is mighty, with heavy bones and medium-sized shapes, especially; such an agile and sturdy breed makes this dog unique. In addition, they have a furry coat, and the tail has a majestic look.

The Bakharwal Dog’s Purpose

The primary purpose of keeping this breed is to target the separatist militants living in Jammu and Kashmir. They are highly protective dogs and will keep fighting till the end. 

Is there a different breed of Bakharwal dog?

No, there is no other breed for Bakharwal dogs. It has different names for the same breed based on the dog coating color. It includes Bakharwal, Bakharwal Mastiff, Gujar Dog, Gujar Watchdog, Kashmiri Sheepdog, Kashmiri Bakharwal Dog, Kashmiri Mastiff.

Bakharwal Dog Breed Maintenance: Grooming 

The Himalayan Bakharwal Dog has a highly dense hair coating. It is essential to keep him bathing a few times as they are somewhat prone to picking up the foxtails and burrs. The dog needs a solid brushing session per week to keep the coat shiny and silky. The density of the skin can be occasionally trimmed to make the dog feel light and easy. A busy working lifestyle of the dog needs regular trimming of the nails and exercise as well.

How easy is it to train a Bakharwal dog?

The Bakharwal Dog is known for their extraordinary obedience maintained while they are taking any training. Unfortunately, the owner falls short in front of their smartness. They are quick to get bored, and training needs to be fun and entertaining to them. To train these dogs, the trainer needs to plan out fun games to male their mental stimulation, like games and puzzles happen too fast. They love to learn new skills and are very good at memorizing tricks. The best way to handle your Bakharwal dog is by training them from an early age. They have a higher activity level; thus, having 60 minutes of exercise is essential.

Bakharwal dog nutrition

They are majorly vegetarian. It is essential to feed him with a combination of milk, bread, and other milk product. Their digestive system is not that great; thus, it’s better to refrain from raw meat. They love eating milk items.

Breeding & Puppies from Bakharwal

They are considered to be rare Himalayan dogs. The female Bakharwal Dog litters one in a year with 1 to 3 puppies. Keeping the puppies busy with activities is essential to train them from early childhood to develop their mental strength. They ate very sturdy breeds among all Indie out in the North.

Common health issues of Bakharwal Dog

The breed suffers from adverse diseases and infection. Obesity, cryptorchidism, patellar luxation, canine hip dysplasia, and bloating due to digestive issues are the most common conditions.

Benefits of Owning a Bakharwal Dog

  • A healthy breed to keep at home for security purposes
  • A perfect watchdog
  • They can tolerate being left alone ad loved that too
  • They are very child friendly
  • They are dog friendly
  • They are excellent senior citizen accompanying dog
  • They are good with unknown people but if they sense something negative they will turn aggressive
  • They are often used for cart pulling at the Northern part of India

Disadvantages of the Bakharwal dog

  • Rare
  • Territorial
  • Very stubborn
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Can be dog-aggressive
  • Regular exercise is a must
  • Need to socialize early in age

What is the best Bakharwal dog food?

Any milk food and vegetarian food are suitable for this breed because their digestion system will remain easygoing and straightforward. Meat is quite dangerous for their health if they can’t digest it well.

How many degrees can Bakharwal, a sighthound dog, see?

They are genuinely protective and ideal security dogs, but sightseeing measures are not much clearly stated.

Is it true that the Bakharwal dog drools a lot?

Yes, it is normal for a dog to drool, yet you won’t find Bakharwal dogs drool much, but they will make you go crazy if the food isn’t served on time.

What is the duration of a Bakharwal dog’s pregnancy?

The estimation of the pregnancy period is 63 days from conception; sometimes, days do vary.

What is the recommended amount of food for my Bakharwal dog?

Three times a good meal is required for Bakharwal dogs as they are entirely dependent on vegetarian food.

Which is the most favorite breed when it comes to army security dogs?

Among all the Indian breeds, the Bakharwal dog is the first choice for army security purposes. It is a great dog and a super training absorber.

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