🇨🇿 Czech Dog Breeds: 6 Dog Breeds From Czech Republic

czech dog breeds

Cesky Terrier

The Cesky Terrier or Czech Terrier is a popular breed for hunting vermin in the forest of Bohemia. They are calm, playful and devoted. These Czech Dog Breeds are good at tracking and are good therapy dogs. They are great family dogs and are suitable for apartment life because of their moderate exercise needs and small size. This dog has distinct tiny feet, a beard, and a soft long-haired coat of grey, platinum or black shades, commonly trimmed short on the body and left long on the foot and face. They weigh (5.9-10) kgs, stand (27-29) cm high, and are 12-15 years old. Cesky are high maintenance and expensive.

Bohemian Shepherd

The Bohemian Shepherd or Chodský pes is a famous old shepherd dog used to guard during the war. They are intelligent, alert and versatile. This dog has been a trusted companion for protecting houses and borders for ages. These Czech Dog Breeds are used for herding, are easy to train and are perfect devoted family dogs with intense exercise needs. The Bohemian Shepherds are medium-sized with a long thick coat of black-tan shade, erect ears, fuzzy tail and are characterised by a calm gait. The rise (19-22) inches tall, weighs (15-25) kgs and is 9-13 years old. These dogs are of intermediate maintenance and are relatively expensive.

Cesky Fousek

The hunting dog, Cesky Fousek, is medium-sized with a scruffy look and athletic build is well known for its abilities of tracking, pointing and retrieving. These Czech Dog Breeds are versatile, keen and hardworking. They are affectionate family companions and love intensive training and an active exercise regime. Fouseks are pretty rare and come with few health issues like hip dysplasia. They have a sturdy physique, a wiry short-haired coat of orange, white or brown shades, a long moustache and a short bushy tail. They weigh about (22-34) kgs, stand (23-26) inches, and are 12-15 years old. These dogs are pretty expensive and require moderate grooming needs.

Pražský Krysařík

The Pražský Krysařík or Prague ratter is considered to be the smallest breed in the world. This Czechoslovakian native toy dog is obedient, intelligent and lively. These dogs are rare and make fantastic family companions. These Czech Dog Breeds are one of the oldest Czech dog breeds and were often used for catching rats. They are sensitive to cold winters and are quieter than other small breeds. Pražský Krysařík has both short and long smooth, shiny coats of mostly black-tan shades with pointed ears. They have a height of (20-23) cm, weigh (1.5-3.5) kgs and have a lifespan of 12-14 years. These dogs are expensive and need gentle grooming.

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