🇩🇰 Denmark Dog Breeds: 5 Dog Breeds From Kingdom Of Denmark

Denmark Dog Breeds


The Danish Mastiff, the Broholmer, is a large dog used for guarding purposes. These Denmark Dog Breeds were initially used for hunting stags. But later on, they were extensively used by the wealthy people for defending manors. Broholmers are calm, friendly, protective and are great for families having big yards. These dogs are pack oriented and are wary of strangers, making them outstanding guard dogs. They are prone to weight gain. They have a large, powerful physique, a short-haired coat of typical tan or brown tones and a black mask. Broholmers live about 8-12 years but face health complications like hip, elbow dysplasia and bloat. They are costly with low grooming needs.

Danish Spitz

Danish Spitz | Denmark Dog Breed

The Danish Spitz are popular companion dogs for ages. They were commonly used as companions for children and were known as ‘ children’s nanny ‘. These Denmark Dog Breeds are excellent family companions who are curious, patient and friendly. They were owned by the wealthy and are considered as one of the National Breeds of Denmark. Danish Spitz was a status symbol and made an excellent guard dog for farms. These Spitz have a white soft dense coat of white fur with a sturdy frame. They enjoy good health of less complexity and have a lifespan of 12-15 years. The sustainable Danish Spitz is of intermediate maintenance.

Danish Pinscher (aka) Danish–Swedish Farmdog

The Danish–Swedish Farmdog or Danish Pinscher is a working dog having originated in Denmark and Sweden. This dog is known to be intelligent, alert, active and an excellent family dog. These Denmark Dog Breeds were used for hunting, tracking and as guard dogs. These old breeds used to hunt small game like rats and lived on farms. These dogs are trainable, need exercise and have a high prey drive. These dogs are famous for their slight compact build and have short-haired white coats with bi or tricolour patches. They may face health problems like hip dysplasia, dental pain & patellar luxation. They live for 10-15 years. These dogs are easy to groom and are pretty expensive.

Greenland Dog

The Greenland Dog, a sledge dog, is a national treasure to the sledging culture of Greenland. These Denmark Dog Breeds are similar to the Canadian Eskimo dog and are glorified for their strength and tenacity. They are independent, aloof, dominant and have a leadership instinct with well-developed hunting skill. This large husky-like dog looks to have thick white furry coats of black, grey or red patches and bushy tails with a powerful presence. Greenland Dogs are not generally kept as pets but bond intensely with their masters. These dogs are usually healthy, and require regular grooming and exercise. These working dogs live about 13 years. They make great hiking partners as well.

Old Danish Pointer

The Old Danish Pointer is an old dog breed of the working dog group. This dog is well known for its hunting skills and sense of smell. These Denmark Dog Breeds can effortlessly perform the tasks of pointing and retrieving while hunting. They are still considered working dogs, but they too are great family dogs. The Old Danish Pointers need an active exercise regiment and activities to enjoy life. These dogs are calm, intelligent, affectionate and have a lifespan of 12-14 years. These Pointers are medium-sized, muscular, and have an unusual short-haired white coat with brown spots and patches and floppy ears. They generally enjoy good health and are low maintenance.

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