Buy Or Adopt? Dog Adoption In Chennai

Dog Adoption In Chennai

Since childhood, we have been learning that dogs are manโ€™s best friends. The term is actually very true. But nowadays, humans do not behave appropriately with dogs, especially stray dogs. That is why some organizations have started dog adoption in Chennai. Looking on the other side, hundreds of people have also begun adopting dogs to make them one of their family members. You will find out so many popular centers where you will get puppies for adoption in Chennai. Before adopting a puppy, you must go through the rules of adoption first.

Here Are Some Popular Dog Adoption Centers In Chennai

Animal Welfare And Protection Trust

Animal Welfare And Protection Trust started its journey in the year 1999. The founders of the trust were Padmavathy and her husband, Narasimhamoorthy. It is one of the most prominent organizations well known for taking the dogs away from the streets to give them a better life. Animal Welfare And Protection Trust has its hospital to treat and take care of the abandoned dogs and puppies. Itโ€™s not just a simple home for stray dogs. The trust takes complete care of the dogsโ€™ health and makes them ready for adoption.

Scan Foundation

Scan Foundation is another well-known and reputed center for dog adoption in Chennai. With more than 2500 abandoned and stray dogs, Scan Foundation continuously tries to give them a better lifestyle. They randomly ask people to adopt dogs so that they can save some more lives. Not only dogs, but Scan Foundation is also a home for cats. You must know that handling more than 2500 dogs is pretty much costly. Therefore they offer you another thing. If you do not have enough space in your house to adopt a dog, you can simply adopt them virtually. In this case, you will take responsibility for all the expenses for the dog. Whereas the dog will stay at Scan Foundation shelter with special care. You can go and check anytime you want.

Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary

Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary, or BMAD, is one of the finest centers for stray animals. Previously it was a wing of Blue Cross, but now it has become autonomous. It is a home for the ill stray animals. They take care of those abandoned animals and raise funds for that. They run a veterinary clinic for animal checkups and medicines. If you are an animal lover, you will never want to leave this place once you come. In that case, Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary allows you to provide voluntary service for taking care of the dogs.

Hotel For Dogs Shelter Furever

Hotel For Dogs Shelter Furever is also another well-known place for abandoned and stray dogs. But you will also get some breeds of different types of dogs. The specially designed compound of Hotel For Dogs Shelter Furever allows the dogs to run freely during the daytime. They also get the opportunity to swim freely in the swimming pool specially designed for them. The kennels are specially made for different breeds and species. So that they can get a comfortable environment while boarding here. If you are looking for dog adoption in Chennai, you should try this place to get high-quality and healthy dogs and puppies for adoption.

Chennai Adoption Drive

Chennai Adoption Drive is famous for its continuous public awareness regarding the stray dogs of Indian streets. They have successfully raised voices against those who abuse stray dogs or hurt and injure them badly. Their mission is to educate the public about Animal Birth Control and change how the world sees stray dogs. They also help these abandoned dogs in finding a perfect home. They conduct regular adoption drives across the city, encouraging people to take in abandoned and homeless dogs and puppies who have been mistreated.

The Blue Cross Of India

The Blue Cross Of India started its journey on one rainy day in 1959. The founder of the organization Captain Sundaram saw two puppies struggling to survive in the middle of a flooded road. He couldnโ€™t resist saving them. From that day until now, the Blue Cross of India has become one of the most significant animal adoption places. People of Chennai can quickly come here to adopt the new members of their families. They also conduct some other activities like Medical waste disposal, Shelters for animals, Rehoming, adoption, mobile dispensary, work with other NGOs, Ambulance Services, and many more.


These are all about the information related to dog adoption in Chennai. When you plan to adopt a dog, always keep in mind to make sure you treat it like one of your family members. If you see someone hurting or abusing the stray dogs, protest immediately because they also have the right to live in this world.

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