🇰ðŸ‡ŋ Kazakhstan Dog Breeds | Tazy Dog From Land Of The Great Steppe


The medium-sized Tazy is a sighthound which looks similar to the Saluki. These Kazakhstan Dog Breeds are used for hunting and are one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. They are famed for their speed and wolf- killing abilities. The Tazy is an independent, aloof and vigilant breed having extreme endurance.

This endangered dog is a good companion too who needs regular exercise and activities, early socialisation and proper training. Tazy is easy to groom and has short-haired coats of varied shades, features feathering on the ears and the curved ends of the tail and presents the Greyhound-like lithe frame with powerful legs. It lives 9-12 years and is not prone to any major health issues.

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