🇧🇪 Dog Breeds From Belgium: 7 Dogs From Battleground of Europe

🐶 Belgian Shepherd

The herding dog, the Belgian Shepherd, is sensitive, alert, devoted, and protective-natured. They are often being used as detectives and rescue dogs. These Dog Breeds From Belgium are highly affectionate and make great family companions. They are easy to train, supremely intelligent, energetic, playful, and need an active exercise regime. These breeds have four distinct varieties namely Groenendael, Tervuren, Malinois and Laekenois. They have a long or short-haired coat of grey, black, fawn shades characterized with a black mask. This breed weighs (44-66)lbs and has a height of (22-26)inches with a lifespan upto 12-14 years. They can be expensive depending on their breeding and are low maintenance as well.

🐶 Bloodhound

Full of life, BloodHound is famous for its scent hunting abilities. These gentle giants are intelligent, willful, stubborn, patient, and smart. They are affectionate, making them excellent family members. These Dog Breeds From Belgium are iconic as they are robust, tenacious, and can track down scents over long distances. They are very much respected as a breed. They do serve in the police force all around the world. They have prominent facial features with wrinkles and floppy ears having black, tan, or red hard textured coats. They weigh about (80-110)lbs and stand at (23-27)inches tall with 9-12 years of longevity. This breed is moderately expensive and has low grooming needs.

🐶 Bouvier Des Ardennes

One of the most popular breeds, the Bouvier des Ardennes is known to be notoriously courageous, obedient, determined, and wary of strangers, making them outstanding watchdogs. These Dog Breeds From Belgium are rare and were initially used for cattle herding. They are closely attached to humans. This makes them excellent pets. These medium-sized dogs are quite grim-looking as they are characterized by a short beard and a moustache and have a stiff, wiry coat with erect ears. These dogs weigh about (22-35)kgs and rise (52-62) cms high, with a 9-11 years lifespan. They need regular grooming from getting matted and are pretty expensive.

🐶 Bouvier Des Flandres

The Bouvier des Flandres, primarily a farm dog, is hardworking, intelligent, protective, rational, and loyal. They are very playful and affectionate with humans, making them great family dogs. These native Dog Breeds From Belgium are used as guard dogs and for service by the law enforcement departments. This sturdy and burly, powerful breed has a rough and rugged coat of black, fawn, or grey shades accentuated with a heavy beard and a moustache. They are calm, enthusiastic, responsible, and present a sheer personality of sophistication and power. These canines have a height of (23-27)inches and weigh upto (60-88)lbs. It requires consistent grooming and can be a lot expensive.

🐶 Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon or Griffon Bruxellois are toy dogs and are sturdy, alert, affectionate, and lively. Griffons, a family dog, are sensitive, intelligent, having an air of self-importance around them. They make good watchdogs and love to snuggle. It is necessary for them to do exercise and have a dedicated playtime. These Dog Breeds From Belgium were initially bred to hunt down rats. The Griffon Bruxellois has two other varieties, Griffon Belge and Petit Brabancon. They come with rough and smooth short-haired coats of red, black, and tan shades with unique features like domed heads, short snouts, and an underbite. They weigh (8-10)pounds, stand at (9-11) inches tall, and live about (10-15)years. They tend to be expensive in cost.

🐶 Phalène

The Phalène, a toy dog, are small, gentle, good watchdogs and are affectionate. These family dogs are great companions to humans for ages. The two varieties, Papillon and Phalène, differ by the position of their ears. These Dog Breeds From Belgium love to sleep and have a distinct high-pitched bark. The Phalène’s have silky floppy ears, a rounded head, and a delicate bone structure. They have a crested tail with a shiny, straight long coat of white, black, red, or tri-color shades. These robust-build dogs weigh (3-5)kgs and have a height of (20-27) cms. They need good grooming and are way less expensive than other toy dogs.

🐶 Schipperke

The Schipperke, a mini shepherd, is fearless, devoted, protective, intelligent, and curious. Their attractive qualities are their petite size, and they are easy to groom. These Dog Breeds From Belgium are often known as the ‘little black devil’ because of their bright and eccentric personality. They are highly energetic, playful, and need exercise. Schipperkes are loving towards children and make great companions for families. They have shiny, harsh, long outer coats with a fluffy undercoat in black, blonde, or red shades. These willful, firm, and mischievous dogs weigh (3-9)kgs and rise at (12-14)inches with a lifespan of 13 to 15 years. They tend to be a little expensive.

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