🇧🇷 Brazil Dog Breeds: 6 Dog Breeds From Terra Do Brasil

Brazil Dog Breeds

🐶 Campeiro Bulldog

The Campeiro Bulldog is very loyal, intelligent, brave, energetic, active, and pack-driven, one of the rarest bulldogs. These Brazil Dog Breeds are very attentive to the master and are hard working. They are known to work in rustic environments protecting the farms, leading the cattle, and helping in hunting down small catches. They don’t bark much and are resilient, calm, and even aggressive towards other dogs. These Bulldogs have stoic bodies and a short, smooth coat of varied color. They weigh about (62-93)lbs and have a height of (19-22)inches, and have a lifespan of 10-12 years. These canines are easy to groom as well.

🐶 Dogue Brasileiro

The Dogue Brasileiro or Brazilian Dogo or Brazilian Dodge is very active, alert, fearless, obedient, and a strong watchdog personality. They are a working breed and are a mix between a Bull Terrier and a Boxer. These Brazil Dog Breeds love human company and make gentle affectionate family dogs. They have a strong, muscular, athletic body with a short, shiny, dense, hard coat of varied shades. These canines are easy to train and are eager, smart learners. This Brazilian Dogo is an excellent guard dog and is furiously protective. They weigh about (51-95)lbs and stand (20-24)inches tall with a lifespan of 10-13 years. The tough Dogue Brasileiro is easy to groom and quite expensive.

🐶 Fila Brasileiro

The Brazilian Mastiff, Fila Brasileiro, is a large working dog and is brave, determined, courageous, confident, aggressive, and obedient. These Brazil Dog Breeds are predominantly used to trap large game and to guard livestock. These dogs have a significantly thick loose skin texture, prominent bone structure, and a powerful bulky statuesque presence. These dogs are used for their impeccable tracking ability, faithfulness, vengefulness, and strength. Fila Brasileiro weighs about (88-110)lbs and rises (24-40)inches tall with a lifespan of 9-11 years. They have a smooth short coat of brindle, black or fawn shades. This territorial breed can make good family pets too. They require low grooming needs and are pretty expensive.

🐶 Pampas Deerhound

The native Brazilian hunting dog, Pampas Deerhound, is consistent, alert, devoted, and fearless. This primitive breed is an outstanding sniffer and is extremely hard working. These Brazil Dog Breeds are persistent hunters used to hunt and track deers. They are friendly, dutiful, and patient in the company of humans making great family dogs. These canines are intelligent; clever hence are natural watchdogs who are very protective of their owners. Pampas Deerhounds are slim, and have a short-haired coat of fawn or white shades characterized by light-colored noses. They weigh about 44lbs and have a height of (19-23)inches with a longevity of 12 years. These hounds are easy to groom and maintain.

🐶 Serrano Bull

The Serrano Bulldog is calm, intelligent, energetic, courageous, active, and balanced in nature. They are the Brazil Dog Breeds, who are robust and burly guard dogs with controlled aggression. These exceptional watch dogs are known to herd cattle and manage their movements. They can be aggressive on command or if provoked. These Bulldogs are good human companions because of their dignified, affectionate, submissive attitude towards their master though they are quite challenging to train. Serrano Bulldogs have short coats of white, fawn, brindle, or tan shades. They look sturdy and powerful, weighing about (55-88)lbs and stands (19-22)inches tall with a lifespan of 10-12 years. These Serrano Bulls are easy to groom as well.

🐶 Terrier Brasileiro

The Terrier Brasileiro or Brazilian Terrier is alert, fearless, friendly, affectionate, playful, intelligent, and bouncy by nature. These Brazil Dog Breeds are very much recognized and popular. They are very keen and gentle, making amazing family companions. These Terriers are very similar to the Jack Russell Terrier, with the strongest hunting instinct among all other Terriers globally. These breeds need consistent training for shaping their behavior. Their coats are fine and short of white, black, or tan tri color tones. They normally weigh (7-10)kgs, rise upto (13-16)inches, and live 12-14 years. These Terriers are easy to maintain and are moderately expensive.

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