🇨🇳 Dog Breeds From China: 9 Dog Breeds From Zhongguo

Dog Breeds From China

🐶 Chinese Chongqing Dog

The ancient Chongqing dog is loyal, protective, independent, aggressive, confident and dominant by nature. These Dog Breeds From China are used for hunting purposes as well as guarding livestock and as watchdogs. These Chinese natives are very rarely known to form a tight bond with families and are fiercely protective. They are compelling and active with predatory instincts. These dogs have a significant erect tail, black skin, small wrinkles, black-blue coloured tongue with the short-coated muscular body of reddish or dark brown shades. They weigh about (15-25)kgs and stand at (35-50)cms with a longevity of upto 18 years of longevity. These sturdy dogs are easy to maintain and are pretty expensive.

🐶 Chinese Crested Dog

A unique breed, Chinese Crested Dog, is a toy dog that is loyal, friendly, lazy and loving. These perfect human companions are friendly, love to sleep and cuddle, needy, sensitive and reactive. These Dog Breeds From China come in two variations, the Hairless and Powderpuff, both found in a single litter. These dogs come in with furry heads, feet, tails, a hairless body, and full silky long-haired coats of white, black or grey tones. They have a height of (11-14)inches and a weight of (10-13)lbs with a lifespan of 13-15 years. This fancy breed is quite expensive and needs intensive care.

🐶 Chow Chow

The fluffy Chow Chow is attentive, loyal, attractive, territorial, independent, devoted and aloof. These Dog Breeds From China are known to have the royalty of a lion, aloofness of a teddy bear and grace of a cat. Chow Chow was owned by the royalty and was even used for sled pulling. They are typically master dogs and need healthy socialisation to become good family dogs. These dogs are sturdy with a mane around the neck, blue tongue and dense double coat of red, black, blue or cinnamon shades. They weigh about (16-41)kg and stand (17-22) inches with a lifespan of 11-13 years. These dogs need high grooming and are expensive.

🐶 Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso, a companion and watchdog, is loyal, protective, alert, sturdy, independent, intelligent, devoted and unique. The Lhasa Apso is a breed of royalty with luscious and attractive looks. These Dog Breeds From China, primarily originating in Tibet, are excellent family dogs that shower their owners with love, affection and protection. They think of themselves as a large dog and act as a guardian of the family. These dogs are small with heavy, dense long-haired smooth coats of varied colours. Lhasa Apso’s weigh about (7-8)kgs and rises upto (10-11)inches high with a lifespan of 12-14 years. They are pretty expensive and need high maintenance-intensive grooming.

🐶 Pekingese

The toy dog, the Pekingese, is a royalty favourite, intelligent, affectionate, opinionated, stubborn and aggressive dog. These Dog Breeds From China are used as show dogs, make loving family dogs and excellent watchdogs. These dogs are dignified, proud and arrogant breeds. The Pekingese bark a lot, have a strong prey drive and are pretty challenging to train. These dogs have large eyes with long-haired coats of gold, red, tan, white or black shades. Their weight is about (7-14)lbs and has a height of (6-9) inches with a lifespan of 12-15 years. These lapdogs can be quite expensive and need high-quality grooming.

🐶 Pug

The popular lapdog, Pug, is very gentle, sensitive, strong-willed, charming, sturdy and intuitive. Pugs are great family companions and are loyal, playful and affectionate with children. These Dog Breeds From China are famous for their laid back attitude and love to snooze all day. They love to get attention, affection and mirror their owner’s personality. Pugs have a short, muscular, compact chubby body with a distinct wrinkly face, a curled up tail and a short-haired coat of fawn, black shades. They weigh (14-18) pounds and rise (10-13) inches tall with a longevity of 12-15 years. These small canines are expensive, have low grooming maintenance and need intensive care.

🐶 Shar-Pei

The unusual Shar-Pei is used as a watchdog and guardian of property. The Shar Pei’s are independent, wilful, aloof, suspicious, devoted, affectionate, loving and reserved. These Dog Breeds From China are powerful, calm, require training and are good family pets. They were also used for hunting, herding and dogfighting purposes, making them natural guards and watchdogs. Shar Pei’s have a bulky coat of short-haired body with a wrinkled face, thick loose skin all over of fawn, black, cream shades with a blue-blackish tongue. It has a height of (46-51) cms, weighs (35-64) lbs, and has a 9-11 years lifespan. They are quite expensive and have low grooming needs.

🐶 Shih Tzu

The little lion, Shih Tzu, is a beloved toy dog who is loving, outgoing, playful, loyal and intelligent. These pups are great family dogs who follow, love and snuggle their owners. These Dog Breeds From China are attractive as they are calm, spunky, active, lively and courageous, making them stunning family companions. Shih Tzu’s have an irresistible presence and are very alert, friendly and adaptable. They have the iconic small face, large eyes with luscious, regal and smooth long-haired coats of various shades like black-white or brindle, light-brown etc. The stoic Shih Tzu weighs (4-8)kgs and stands (20-28) cm with a lifespan of 10-16 years. They are high maintenance and quite expensive.

🐶 Xiasi

The rare Xiasi dog is respected as a lucky mascot of wealth by the Chinese people. These dogs are very affectionate, intelligent, keen, protective and courageous. Xia’s have excellent stamina, speed and strong-smelling capacity. These Dog Breeds From China were initially bred for hunting, guarding and fighting purposes. They are very responsive, trainable, great family pets and very patient, gentle with children. Xia’s have a muscular, lean physique with a black-spotted tongue, pointed ears and wiry-haired coat of white and cream shades. They weigh about (22-66)lbs and rise (17-20)inches tall with a longevity of 12-14 years. The Xia needs weekly grooming to prevent matting.

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