🇨🇱 Chilean Dog Breeds: 2 Dog Breeds From Country Of Poets

Chilean Terrier

The small and sturdy Chilean Terrier is attentive, friendly, affectionate, courageous, cheerful, and intelligent. These Chilean Dog Breeds are brave and possess a high hunting drive, and are fantastic family companions. They love to be around humans, learn new tricks, and are trainable. These Terriers are way calm and a little blunt than most Terrier Breeds. Chilean Terriers have slender bodies, delicate structures having unique prick-like ears, and short-haired coats of tricolor shades. They weigh about (4-8)kgs and have a height of (28-38) cm with a lifespan of about 15 years. These accessible to groom dogs are moderately expensive as well.

Patagonian Sheep

The Patagonian Sheepdog, a working dog, is hardworking, cautious, active, and devoted. These dogs came into existence in the 19th century and are predominantly used for cattle herding like sheep in the Patagonian regions. These Chilean Dog Breeds have shown remarkable resilience and commitment towards their work. They are not usually family pets. Patagonian Sheepdogs have facial markings and a harsh coat of black, gray, white, or blue merle tones well acquainted with the herding environment. These dogs weigh about (20-24)kgs and rise (50-55)cms tall. These medium-sized dogs have a life expectancy of upto 14 years. They come with moderate expenses.

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