๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ท Dog Breeds From Greece: 5 Dog Breeds From Hellenic Republic


Alopekis, a small-sized dog, is a versatile breed. These Dog Breeds From Greece were used as ratters, flock-attendants and possessed natural hunting instincts. They are alert, lively, and intelligent, originating in the early 20th century. Alopekis is a great companion dog who bonds with their owners, are good watchdogs, are very trainable, loves to hunt vermin, and adapt to urban and rural lifestyles. Alopekis need regular exercise, activities and are easy to groom. This small-sized dog has short-haired coats of fawn, black-white shades with markings, erect ears, a distinct fox-like look, and features a sturdy, compact build. Alopekis live 14-16 years and are not prone to any significant health problems.

Cretan Hound

The Cretan Hound is one of the primitive hunting dogs of Europe bred for controlling rabbit and wily hare growth in the islands of Crete. These Dog Breeds From Greece, developed around the Neolithic times, are used as working dogs for their extreme endurance. Cretan Hounds are intelligent, meek, gentle breeds and are loving family companions. These hounds use both scent and sight while hunting and love to run at an impressive speed. This medium-sized watchdog needs regular exercise and has low grooming needs. Cretan Hound has short-haired coats of white, fawn, and black shades, curved bushy tails, and a slender build. It has a longevity of 12-14 years and is prone to hip dysplasia.

Greek Harehound

The Greek Harehound is a rare scenthound breed. These Dog Breeds From Greece were initially bred as hunting dogs used for tracking rabbits, hares and were very popular all over Greece. It has short-haired coats of distinct black-tan shades, is medium-sized, and features an athletic frame. These hounds are of brave, intelligent, and friendly temperament. Greek Harehounds have a high prey drive and are good family companions. They require an active exercise regimen for mental and physical stimulation and are easy to groom. Greek Harehounds have immense stamina and are not suitable for the apartment lifestyle. They have a lifespan of 10-12 years and are prone to bloating and ear infections.

Greek Shepherd

The Greek Shepherd or Greek Sheepdog is a livestock guardian dog. This large-sized dog is an ancient breed and bred for guarding sheep. These Dog Breeds From Greece are well-known for their ferocity while working and are rare outside Greece. They are brave, proud, and hardworking. They are considered companion dogs but need proper training and socialization and are wary of strangers. Greek Shepherd requires daily exercise and activities, is best suited for yards, and needs fine grooming. These flock guardians have dense white, black, brown coats with occasional patches, long bushy tails, and a robust bulky frame. They have 10-12 years of lifespan and are prone to ear infections, bloat, and joint-dysplasia.


The Kokoni is a small-sized domestic dog closely related to the Alopekis. These Dog Breeds From Greece, also called Small Greek Domestic Dog, were harmonious companions to the Greeks for hundreds of years. Kokoni is gentle, lively, intelligent, and fiercely protective of their owners. Kokoni is a multipurpose dog as they were used for hunting small games and as herding companions. They require exercise and activities, regular grooming, and are adaptable to any lifestyle. Kokoni has medium sized wavy-haired coats of white, fawn, red shades sometimes with markings, bushy crested tail, and presents a short-legged sturdy frame. It lives 13-20 years and is not prone to any significant health conditions.

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