Guatemalan Dog Breeds: Dog Breeds From The Land of the Eternal Spring

Guatemalan Dog Breeds

Dogo Guatemalteco

Dogo Guatemalteco or Guatemalan Dogo is a mastiff-type dog also known as the Guatemalan Bull Terrier. These Guatemalan Dog Breeds were typically bred as guard dogs in the 1890s and are closely related to Dogo Argentino. They were used in fighting rings and make good family companions under firm owners giving proper training. Guatemalan Dogo tends to be aggressive, unmanageable, and are not friendly towards other dogs. They are faithful, courageous, and dominant, need moderate exercise, obedience training, and regular grooming. Dogo Guatemalteco has short-haired coats of distinct white shade with occasional patches, slim tails, and a well-muscled stocky build. It lives 11-12 years and is prone to deafness, skin allergies, elbow, and hip dysplasia.

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