🇬🇪 Dog Breeds In Georgia: Georgian Shepherd From Sakartvelo

Georgian Shepherd

The Dog Breeds In Georgia, the national dog of Georgia was developed in the 1900s. The Georgian Shepherd or Georgian Mountain Dog is a livestock guardian and guard dog. They are protective, confident, courageous, and are good family dogs who are wary of strangers. These large-sized dogs need extensive training, exercise, and good grooming. These calm and slow-looking Shepherds acts swiftly at first sight of danger, thus making them stunning watchdogs. Georgian Shepherds have long to short-haired coats of white, dark brown shades with markings, traditionally cropped ears, long bushy tails, and featuring a robust athletic build. They have a lifespan of 11-12 years and are prone to hip dysplasia and cataracts.

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