10 Pet-Friendly Restaurants & Dog Cafes In Bangalore 🐶🍺

Dog Cafes In Bangalore

In India, people are closer than ever in the understanding that pets are our family. We call them our fur babies and kids for a good reason, all that loyalty and unconditional love cannot be compared with! So if there are so many eateries for hoomans to hang out and socialize with each other, why not a few for our beloved doggod too?

As pawrents, it can be anxiety-inducing to leave pets at home while going out, especially for a fun time- those puppy eyes can guilt trip you into staying back.

Here’s the perfect solution which is better than choosing the middleground: dog cafes! You’re free to bring your dogs and enjoy treats especially for them while grabbing a bite yourself, or visiting cafes that house dogs of their own that you can spend time with, if you don’t have pets and yearn for some puppy cuddles.

In our dog cafe blog series, we’ve made it our primary goal to bring you the best verified dog cafes across destinations in the country, and globally. Soon, you’ll have a long list of dog cafes to check out in all the major cities, whether you’re a local or just visiting! Today, we’re covering the beautiful city Bangalore, which has a fair share of amazing dog and pet-friendly cafes for you to explore with your four-legged companion.

Without any further delays, let’s get right into it!

Top 10 Dog Cafes In Bangalore

TherPup Dog Cafe

As the first dog cafe of Bangalore, TherPup Cafe has pulled all the stops for your fur baby and you to have a pawsome time out! With special menus for both the dogs and their hoomans, TherPup costs about Rs 700 for two people, including the cover charge of Rs 150 and 250 on weekdays and weekends respectively. The highlight of the beautiful setup is their ten, fluffy and friendly dogs that you can spend your time petting and playing with!

Raasta Cafe, Mysore Road

Rasta Cafe is situated at a comfortable and lush green corner along Bangalore-Mysore highway, and proves to be quite the spot for you and your dogs to unwind. With plenty of space to stretch their legs and play, this Bangalore dog cafe has a selection of amazing food, beverages and even hookah for those who are enthusiastic about it. The charges for two people at this classic and ambient cafe is Rs 1000 and worth every penny.

Snoopy Paws Cafe, Yelahanka

A recently opened cafe, Snoopy Paws is a project started by a dog lover themself. The place speaks volumes in terms of a humble setting while delivering the best services. The staff is super friendly and welcoming, while the continental menu is delicious for hoomans to grab a bite, for just Rs 600 per couple!

Eddy’s Cafe, Indiranagar

This cute dog cafe is one of the coziest places on our mlist for you to spend some quality time with your best buddy on a weekend. With a choice for indoor and outdoor seating, their all day breakfast menu is absolutely to die for. The charges for two people is Rs 800.

Pin Me Down, Koramangala

This cafe is one of the most welcoming places for pets and their hoomans. They’re a pro LGBTQA+ cafe, and proud of it. You can enjoy karaoke evenings with your friends while bringing your pup along for a fun time out. Priced at Rs 800 per couple, their pizza and garlic noodles are a must have.

Mighty Paws, Sarjapur Road

Mighty Paws is your best bet with its affordable price and wonderful ambience. The cute setting with wooden interiors and delectable desserts such as waffles or pastries are something you should try. With a charge of Rs 500 per two persons, your dogs will have a gala time with other present pets socialising.

Toit, Indiranagar

Looking for a dog friendly pub to grab a cold beer with your best pal? Toit has a very laid back vibe and is known for its beautiful live music. Priced at Rs 2,000 for two people, you can bring your dog along on a date to enjoy an evening out.

Bohemians The Social House, Indiranagar

This bright and vibrant upper-scale cafe is an amazing place for you to grab a bite with your friends while bringing your dog along. With some of the most mouth-watering dishes, they also offer a variety of choices for vegans. Priced on the higher side due to its sophistication and classic bohemian theme, the price for two is approximately Rs 2,100.

Ella’s Petscape Café, Sarjapur Road

Indeed, the goodest boys and girls deserve an outing other than parks and busy streets to chill out with their play dates; Ella’s Petscape is known to make dogs go gaga with their play zone, baked doggie treats and goodies. The hooman menu is just as elaborate with burgers and beverages to munch on while watching dogs frolick. The price for two people is Rs 1,000.

Zoey’s, Sarjapur Road

Zoey’s is a kid friendly and pet friendly cafe which has some of the tastiest snacks in town. If you’re looking for a quaint place to spend some fun time with your loved ones and your pet, this is it for you. Priced at Rs 600 per couple, they also have several board games to play as an add-on.

These were our top 10 dog cafes in Bangalore that you must visit! We hope you visit them soon, and let us know in the comments which was your favourite or what your experience was like! Please be mindful that the prices for entrance tickets or charges for two mentioned for the Bangalore dog cafes may be variable to timings or subject to changes as per their personal tariffs. Rest assured, you’re in for an amazing time with your dog, or the ones in-house. Your pets deserve the best life they can get, and taking them out for a quality day or evening out is another addition to your pup’s life to brighten it up a bit more!

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