Top Dog Cafes In Kolkata You Shouldn’t Miss!

dog cafes in kolkata

Eat, play, and fall in love! Every pet lover’s dream come true is to visit one of the pet-friendly cafes. It is no longer difficult to find a comfortable place in your city Kolkata, to take your furry four-legged friends to enjoy the evening. Good food and a relaxing ambiance for your pets are ideal at these dog cafes in Kolkata.

List of Dog Cafes in Kolkata

๐Ÿถ The Green House

Location: Salt Lake, Sector-I, Kolkata, West Bengal
Best for Dogs and cats

When you gorge on cheesy nachos, IPL matches, and Game of Thrones, pamper your canine friends or take them out on a play date. You’re shielded at the Greenhouse. The cafe is separated into four sections: a dog room, a banqueting space-a non-smoking area, charming swings to relax, a lounge with a large TV, and a hookah room. They have in-house dog trainers who take excellent care of the animals.

The menu of these Dog cafes in Kolkata includes standard fare such as chicken wings, waffles, and pizzas -they have a fiery peri flavour. The veg platter provides homemade crispy and crunchy nachos, gooey cheese balls, spicy and tender paneer tikka, and sweet and spicy crispy chili baby corn, which is not to be missed. You can even have your dog groomed while you’re here.

๐Ÿถ Throttle Shrottle

Location: Newtown, Kolkata, West Bengal
Best for Dogs and cats

Throttle Shrottle is sure to catch your surprise as one of the top Dog cafes in Kolkata. The rustic open-air vibe of this biker’s cafe is super chill. You cross a small wooden bridge and are welcomed by Piston, their Great Dane. Don’t be intimidated by her size; she’s a sweetheart! Feel free to shower her with well-deserved affection. They have two kitties that hide behind the bikes and make an appearance now and then. And you can’t get enough of the two white ducks that wander about on their own, making no noise. For them, there is indeed a pond in the center, which adds beauty to the cafe’s atmosphere.

All of their pets are well-behaved and pose no threat. These pets will come up to your table to say hello, but will not look at your food. This is a 24-hour cafe is one of our favorite pet-friendly spots, and it charges reasonably for a soup or a meal in a bowl for your dog. So assemble your crew and get ready to coast on Goan vibes and biker grunge.

๐Ÿถ The Love Room

Location: Tollygunge Circular Road, Kolkata, Wes Bengal
Best for Dogs and cats

More than nine dogs and many cats live in the Love Room in Tollygunge’s streets are popular as Pet-friendly cafes in Kolkata. Not all of the dogs are present at all times; usually, two or three are present. The resident dogs are Shadow- Shih Tzu, Gucci-Lhasa Apso, Ego- Siberian Husky, Barney- Golden Retriever, Gogo- Pug, Bruce- Lhasa Apso, Whiskey- Cocker Spaniel, Tipsy- Irish Setter, and Oreo- French Bull Dog.

You don’t have to be afraid of four-legged companions. These puppies have been well-trained and are used to meeting new people. They’ll interact and play with you, let you pet them, and even sit still for a few photos if you ask nicely.

๐Ÿถ Happy Place

Location: South Kolkata, West Bengal
Best for Dogs and cats

The first-floor cafรฉ has a playpen. It is where you can carry your dogs and leave them to play with the owners’ pets. A sophisticated play at these pet-friendly cafes in Kolkata set for your feline friends can be found further within the brightly lit space. There are giant windows that let the sunlight stream in and give the place a cheery vibe. The cats can be seen weaving in and out of the tiny wooden houses or perching on one of the furry decking.

If it’s the teapot with cat faces on it, the table mats with adorable animal puns, or the pet murals on the wall, there are animal elements all over the room.

๐Ÿถ Wood House- The pet Cafรฉ

Location: Haute Street Corporate Park, Topsia Rd, Topsia, Kolkata, West Bengal
Best for: Dogs, Cats, and birds

Are you planning for a nice date with your furry companion to a cozy place with good food? Woodhouse is the best option for Pet-friendly cafes in Kolkata. There are two fur babies at home to greet you, Shasha and Samba- a Persian cat and two dogs Snoop and Oreo. They make the place much better. The cafรฉ has a separate section for birds and four-legged animals.

It is a great view to watch the birds of different colors take over and move here and there. The idea makes the place most exotic, with birdwatching as an added beauty of the site. All sorts of Chinese, Italian and Indian food is accessible.

What do you need to know while taking your pet in these dog cafes?

Do you have a canine companion? You are welcome to bring them with you. There are a few guidelines to follow, such as they should be vaccinated. If you’re getting a pet, they suggest calling ahead to reserve a table, so your pet doesn’t have to wait outside. Once inside, you can either leave your pet with the other animals or keep them at your table with you.

Don’t have a pet but enjoy being around them? Don’t be concerned. The Love Room also serves as a daily cafรฉ. It would help if you played with the owner’s pets while sipping a thick chocolate shake or eating their Nutella waffles. The team has received extensive training. They manage any scenario with smooth ease, whether it’s recommending menu items or keeping the dogs calm.

What else to explore?

Do you want to throw a party for your pet at home? The Love Room is also the only location in town that will deliver dog food to your door.

To conclude, these dog cafes in Kolkata are must for you if you have a furry companion. Itโ€™s time for them to enjoy with you and make the evening worth spending with new furry friends at these cafรฉ. Enjoy every bit of it!

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