Lapponian Herder Dogs – Detailed Facts and Information

Lapponian Herder Dog

Lapponian Herder Dog, a Finnish breed of dog, is one of three Lapphunds. It was bred from a Sami breed that was used for herding reindeer and guarding them. The Lapponian Herder can be a smart and affectionate working dog. These dogs are bred to herd and make great companions for active families.

Lapponian Herder Breed: History and Origin:

Lapponian Herders is one of the three Lapphund breeds. These dogs are also known as the Lapinporokoira. Lapland was destroyed by the Germans during World War II. This led to a decline in the number of Lapponian Herders. In the late 1950s, dedicated breeders restored this breed.

Personal Characteristics:

The Lapponian Herder, a medium-sized dog with medium-length fur and a double coat, is medium in stature. Ears must be pricked (standing straight up); drop ears can lead to disqualification. The colour is usually black, dark grey, brown or occasionally red brown. There are often white markings on the lower body and the head. For medium build, the height of males should be 51cm (20in) at their withers, and 46cm (18in) for females. Females and males should have distinct looks. The average weight of males is 55-65 lb (25-22.9 kg), while females are usually lighter. Their average life expectancy is between 10-14 years.

Lineage: Do they descend from wild dogs?

This breed is part of a subclade that is found only in northern Scandinavia. This hybridization occurred after domestication and is the result of a female Wolf / male Dog. It was formed between 480 and 3,000 years ago. It includes all Sami-related breeds, including the Finnish Lapphund and Swedish Lapphund as well as Jamthund, Jamthund and Hallefors Elkhound. These breeds were created by the maternal wolf sequence, which has not been replicated across Eurasia. The branch of the phylogenetic tree that rooted it in the same sequence is the Altai dog (33,000 years old).

Why are the Lapponian Herders Critically Endangered?

The Finnish Kennel Club split the Lapponian Shepherd breed in 1967 into two distinct breeds: the Finnish Lapphund and the Lapponian Herder. Cockhill’s Finnish Lapphound was not taken into consideration and it disappeared from the population around the 1980s due to the popularity and fitness of the Finnish Lapphund. It can still be found in the bloodlines of Finnish Lapphunds today.


The Lapponian Herder is a companion dog and close friend. Although it can be a bit reserved with strangers, the Lapponian Herder is affectionate and friendly once they get to know you. It is a very energetic and driven dog, so owners should be aware of this fact. It might attempt to entertain itself by engaging in destructive and annoying behaviour if it is left alone for too long.

Lapponian Herder Bite Type and Jaw Strength:

A Lapponian Herder is unlikely to bite someone. Dog bites are most common for protection, pain, excitement and herding instinct.

Lapponian Herder bite force: Ordinary. The average dog has a bite force of between 200-400 PSI. Because of their jaw strength, the Lapponian Herder and other breeds have a frightening presence.

The Purpose of Lapponian Herder Dogs:

One of Finland’s five national breeds is the Lapponian Herder. Originally, it was used to herd and protect reindeer.

Do Lapponian Herders Make Good Family Dogs?

Lapponian Herders make wonderful family dogs and are very friendly. They are active dogs and will get along with children of all ages. However, they may try to herd them if they are having fun.

How Easily are Lapponian Herder Dogs Trained?

Lapponian Herders are a calm and compliant breed. It is a very intelligent dog and should be your companion through the whole training process. To motivate your dog, positive reinforcement is the best method.

Grooming and Nutrition of The Lapponian Herder Dog:

Although this breed does not require much grooming, it is important to brush their hair regularly. Grooming your pet is an opportunity to build a relationship and should be fun for you both. Brushing your pet should take only a few minutes if it is done regularly. Brushing your pet’s hair can take as long as an hour if it has been a while.

Lapponian Herders can rely on high-quality dog food. This will provide a balanced diet. It can be mixed with water, canned foods, or broth. Lapponian Herders may like cottage cheese, cooked eggs, fruits, and vegetables.

Is Lapponian Herder the Ideal Dog Breed For You?

They are intelligent and easy to train. Their love for their owners makes them very easy to train. They are a high-energy, herding breed so they may not be the right choice for everyone. The Lapponian Herder can be a wonderful choice if you have the time and space to train them.

Breeding Lapponian Herder Dogs:

They are sexually mature at 6-10 months. Breeding produces beautiful, healthy pups in litters of 4-8. They are very rare today.

Lapponian Herder Puppies:

Lapponian Herders typically have 5-8 puppies in their litter. These puppies, like all dogs, need lots of socialisation from an early age. Training should also be started as soon as possible.

Know Your Lapponian Herder: Facts and Tips You Need To Know!

This breed of dog was almost extinct after WWII but it was saved by enthusiasts in the 1950s.
Lapponian Herders need a lot of exercise and playtime. Every day, aim to get at least one hour of exercise outdoors. They are often happy in homes with children or pets.

Lapponian Herder FAQs:

Are Lapponian Herder dogs good as guard dogs?

Lapponian Herders have a high energy level and are very strong, but they can be quite docile at home. They protect their family members and are able to bark easily.

What is the speed of a Lapponian Herder?

It is unknown what speed a Lapponian Herder can run. They are hunting hounds

What is the bite type of Lapponian Herder dogs?

Lapponian Herders are more likely than the average to nip and chew or play-bite people. This is a normal behaviour in puppyhood and not aggressive.

How do I identify a Lapponian Herder dog?

Lapponian Herders must have oval-shaped eyes, which are well-set apart from one another and should be dark-colored to match the colour of their coat.

Can I feed Pedigree to a local breed dog (Lapponian Herder)

Lapponian Herders will consume approximately 3-4 cups of high quality dry dog food. This can be divided into at least two meals. Its size, activity level, health, metabolism, and metabolism all affect the amount it eats.

What is so special about the indigenous dog breed Lapponian Herder of Finland?

Lapponian Herders were originally developed to herd cattle in Finland. They are one of five national breeds of dogs in the country. They are friendly, sociable dogs that love to be around their family members, even children.

Where can I buy Lapponian Herder puppies?

You can contact the American Kennel Club, Lapponian Herder Club of America or other local or national organisations to find a reliable breeder or rescue in the area. Adoption is very difficult because of the rarity of these animals.

Are Lapponian Herder dogs high maintenance?

If you’re not sure that you’re going to put the time and effort into caring for this breed, it’s probably not a good choice.


The Lapponian Herder is a great choice if you’re looking for an energetic and playful dog that can do various chores around the house. This dog breed is perfect for anyone who loves dogs and wants to interact with them. You don’t need much to satisfy the Lapponian Herder’s needs, but this dog breed will keep you on your toes.

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