12 Places For Dog Adoption In Bangalore That You Can Visit!

Dog Adoption In Bangalore

As the problem of overpopulation increases, the domestic animals do increase to rising. Animal adoption centers across the nation have faced a lot of challenges to increase the adoption rates. In India, as per the estimation, around 50% of the total canines and felines are entering the animal shelter to put death annually. The condition is shared to make you aware of the current situation. Enthusiastic dog lovers do not refrain from dog adoption at any time at any cost. Dog adoption in Bangalore is slowly gaining a lot of popularity.

Top Reasons for Pet Dog adoption

Are you thinking about adopting a pet dog? It is an excellent idea of what you can feel and take a final decision. Here are some reasons why you should adopt a pet dog.

You are saving a precious life

There is an estimation of one million dogs that are adopted in the US. In India, the rate is much lower. It is because too many breeders are involved in the process. If you are genuinely adopting a dog, you are saving a life and taking care of the energy at large.

You’ll get to know about a dog

When you adopt a dog from the dog adoption center, you are taking the initiative to know a dog and its breed. There are different ways to take care of each breed. Knowing a dog is an excellent thing in life.

You won’t have to give any money

The best thing about a dog adoption center is you can adopt a dog free of cost or a minimal charge. There is no price tag as such attached to dogs, varying as per the breeds.

Hence, these are the top three reasons you should ponder while you are in double mind whether to buy a dog from a breeder or adopt at a Bangalore dog adoption center.

Places to go for Dog Adoption in Bangalore

To make your search compact and easy, we have figured out few dog adoptions in Bangalore centers that you should check out.

CUPA Second Chance Adoption Centre – Dommasandra, Bengaluru

It is one of the top places to get in touch with them to get a puppy, or a mid-age dog adopted.

Karuna Animal Shelter – Hebbal, Bengaluru

It is a government-sponsored shelter where you will find many dogs and other pets to adopt and give a new life. It works powerfully to protect animals and prevents animal cruelty.

Maruthy Dog Shelter – Marathahalli, Bengaluru

It is a lovely place where you will find numerous dogs and their unique family. All the medical facilities and safe maintenance are taken care of!

Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre (CARE) – Yelahanka, Bengaluru

It is an organization that is solely rescuing and protecting animals. The aim is to offer timely medical aid to the animals here.

CUPA LARRC (Large Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation Center) – Gnana Bharathi, Bengaluru

It is a large rehabilitation center for all animals rescued and kept here. You will not only find dogs, but cows, bulls, buffaloes, donkeys, horses, and goats all are supported.

Sudha Shelter Home – Banashankari, Bengaluru

It is a committed home for animal wellbeing, adoption, and boarding. It is a beautiful place to realize the furry animals and the importance of animals in life.

Krupa Loving Animal – Kengeri Satellite Town, Bengaluru

If you are willing to adopt a beautiful dog, then this is the best destination where you will find a lovely puppy to adopt.

Karuna Animal Welfare Association of Karnataka – Kasturba Road, Bengaluru

It is a home that gives shelter to the many homeless animals. It is an ideal place to adopt a dog and enjoy living with him/her as a family.

Sarvoham – J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru

It is an established rescue, shelter, protect and rehome for the animals where many abandon animals are rescued.

The Voice Of Stray Dogs – Indiranagar, Bengaluru

It is the largest world’s not kill dog sanctuary and hospital where over 8000 lives are saved. The stray dogs are taken care of here.

CARE Shelter New – Mittaganahalli

It is an animal shelter that aims at providing medical aid to injured animals found wounded on the street. It is the home for dogs, cats, rabbits, hens, ducks, pigs, guinea pigs, birds, and terrapins.

Haven Animal Welfare Trust – Nadavathi, Bengaluru

It is a beautiful place to see the animals staying and supporting each other; you will find dogs and cats together playing enjoying each other.


With dog adoption centers in Bangalore, you will not only get home for the homeless, but you will also get a best friend in your life. Taking care of a dog is not a noble job, but you will learn how to love unconditionally and have compassion within you. Be it a genuine breed or a stray dog, and you can adopt any dog as you want. Enjoy adopting.

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