🇧ðŸ‡Ķ Balkan Dog Breeds: Barak Hound From Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnian Coarse-Haired Hound

The most popular Bosnian Coarse-Haired Hound is one of the noticeable Balkan Dog Breeds. They are also called Barak. The height of this breed is variable ( 18 -22 inches) and weight of around (35 – 55) ib. The lifespan of this is around 12 – 15 years. This breed is extremely active and friendly in behavior. They are intelligent and obedient in nature. They are gentle with kids and extremely playful. They create a lot of noise with unnecessary brakings. Bosnian coarse Haired Hound is super energetic and can be trained fast. They tend to get physical problems with age. They are decent in cost.

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