🇦🇹 Austrian Dog Breed: 5 Dog Breeds From Homeland Of Mozart

Austrian Dog Breed

🐶 Alpine Dachsbracke

The famous scent hound, Alpine Dachsbracke from Austria, are fearless and loyal dogs with prominent personalities. These dogs have a short, thick deer red coat which can sometimes be black too. This Austrian Dog Breed features in common with the Dachshund. These dogs are intelligent, composed and friendly and are good with children making them great family dogs. They love an active lifestyle and are best suited for country life. These dogs weigh about (30-40) pounds and have a height of (13-16)inches with a lifespan of12 years or more. They are low maintainable and quite expensive because of their rarity.

🐶 Austrian Black And Tan Hound

The broody eyed Austrian Black and Tan Hound from Austria are popular hunting dogs with the intense scenting ability and are easy to train. This Austrian Dog Breed is not usually kept as pets but is tolerant with children, best suited for active families. They have a prized muscular body with shiny black and tan coats and floppy ears. These dogs weigh about (33-49)lbs and stand at (19-22)inches high, with a life expectancy of 12 to 14 years. These born hunters shall not be trusted with small animals and are energetic, eager and pleasant breeds. They are not quite expensive, even being a rare breed and require regular grooming.

🐶 Austrian Pinscher

The chunky Austrian Pinscher from Austria is a top-notch watchdog as they are rigid, alert, and sceptical towards strangers. Their energy, growling and impoliteness around strangers make them outstanding at their job. This Austrian Dog Breed is medium-sized with yellow, black or tan thick double coat and button ears and has short and rugged features. Their height is about (42-50)cm, and their weight is about (11-18)kgs with an average of 12-14 years of lifespan. These versatile dogs are child friendly and are ideal for families too. They are rare, so a little expensive can be expected, which comes with low maintenance.

🐶 Styrian Coarse Haired Hound

The Austrian notable hunting dog Styrian Coarse-haired Hound is known for its diligence, steadfastness and devotion. They can work with an undeniable tireless spirit towards their goal. They are a little grim expression-wise but are very passionate by nature. This Austrian Dog Breed is medium-sized, symbolised by a scruffy and wiry fawn, red or yellow coat. Styrians are good with older children and make active & lovely family members. They weigh about (15-18)kgs and rise upto (45-53)cms with 12 to 14 years of longevity. These bouncy paced, athletic-build canines need a lot of exercise, are rare, barks a lot, and are pretty high maintenance.

🐶 Tyrolean Hound

The strong Tyrolean Hound, an Austrian Dog Breed, is known for its swap personality and wide-eared scenting Hound. This maverick dog can hunt alone and has characteristic powerful limbs. These hunters are slim, erect, having stiff or wiry coats in red, black and tan shades. These high spirited, efficient dogs love humans and make great family dogs. Their guarding capacities are limited as they have utter barking tendencies towards strangers. These medium-sized breeds weigh around (20-27)kgs and rise at (42-49)cms with a lifespan of 12 to 14 years. The bright, wise and robust Tyrolean hounds are pretty expensive yet low maintenance dogs.

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