🇦🇺 Dog Breeds From Australia: 10 Dogs From Sunburnt Country

Dog Breeds From Australia

🐶 Australian Kelpie

One of the noticeable and popular Dog Breeds From Australia is the Australian Kelpie. They are capable dogs who are thoughtful about mustering and driving even without any guidance. They live for 12-15 years; their height is around 46- 51 cm; their weight is 13- 19 kgs. They have short hair. They are mainly herding dogs which are ideal for work. They aren’t necessarily welcoming to any stranger. They will keep the consistency of not socializing with anyone. A perfect one master dog with real threats to life! This breed is quite expensive for its sound approach and smartness. The price of the Kelpie puppy is higher depending on the quality of the dogs.

🐶 Australian Cattle Dog

The famous Australian Cattle Dog is one of the most talked-about dog breeds from Australia called cattle dog. The lifespan of this dog is around 13 -15 years, with a height of 46-51 cm and a weight of 15-16 kgs. The breed has a fantastic temperament. It is the most loyal, energetic, brave, and active breed of all. There are some characteristic issues with this cattle dog as they turn unpredictable. The majority of the time, the cattle dog is noticed as playful and willful-natured. They belong to the herd breed group. They are easy to train and groom as per requirements.

🐶 Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

The popular Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog is considered as the top Dog Breeds From Australia. They are naturally bobtail or the often tailless. They are medium-sized cattle dogs whose temperament is quite similar to the other Australian Cattle Dogs. They are the descendants of the European Cattle dogs. They are friendly, obedient, and playful. They are knowledgeable, alert, and courageous. Thus this dog is ideal for work purposes. They are available in three exciting colors: red, speckle, blue & black, and bluish. They weigh around 12 -23 kgs, and the height is measured as 46- 51 cm. This breed’s life expectancy is around 12 to 15 years. The tailless feature makes them very aggressive in nature.

🐶 Australian Terrier

The foremost Dog Breeds From Australia that was first recognized is the Australian Terrier. They are the native dogs of Australia who have developed their ancestral origin in the same place. They are the descendants of the breeds of Great Britain. Australian Terriers are incredibly loyal, spirited, alert, playful, courageous, and great companions. It is a perfect family dog. The height is small, and its lifespan lasts for 12 to 15 years. A good quality Australian Terrier will cost you a decent amount of money. The breed is available in exciting colors like blue and tan, Clear sandy color. The rich color attracts a lot of attention.

🐶 Bull Arab

The Bull Arab is one of the famous Dog Breeds From Australia. There is a history for this dog as they were developed to hunt mainly pigs. They are a cors breed of the standard Bull Terrier, pointing breed, and the greyhounds. The mixed combination makes Bull Arab completely playful, willful, courageous, aggressive, and significantly a great companion on good training. They can be a good family dog if you can train them well. They live for 12 – 15 years. They have short height with a different level of energy that needs a special mention. This breed is relatively cheaper in cost and can be easily afforded as compared to other Australian Breeds.

🐶 Dingo

One of the medium & small-sized famous Dog Breeds From Australia, Dingo, is a high and robust stamina dog. It is an ancient lineage dog in Australia. Their hereditary lineage is a matter of debate for many. They belong to the Canidae family of C. lupus species. They are considered to be carnivores who live for 10 years. It is an extremely dangerous wild dog that is ideal for keeping with the hunters for protection purposes. The bushy, pointed ears of the dog are actually helping them to be alert. They resemble the local domestic dog but have significantly different characteristics. The cost is decent, and there are over 100 breeding of the Dingo for their bloodline to grow.

🐶 Koolie

The famous historic misnomer dog Koolie is one of the popular Dog Breeds From Australia. The hard work and herding dog features of the dog make them famous. They are the popular dogs of the 19th century who the Britishers imported for working dogs. They have a decent height. The interesting part is their temperament which includes, loyal, friendly, diligent, intelligent, active, dominant, temperate, patient, and even fun-loving. They are perfectly a family dog. They mingle well with children. There are different types of Koolie in different regions of Australia. They are good pets to take for long walks. The life span is around 12 to 15 years. The cost of the Koolie is average and available in unique shades black tri Merle Chocolate, Red Merle, Blue Merle, and tricolor.

🐶 Miniature Fox Terrier

One of the best family Dog Breeds From Australia is Miniature Fox Terrier. They are small, lightweight, yet great hunters. They are intelligent and courageous little dogs with remarkable fighting spirits. They are ideal family dogs who are loyal, loving, and protective. They are curious and bold as well, popularly known as Mini Foxie. They love for 12 to 18 years. They are ideal as a companion to your kids. The playful and energetic nature keeps the kid entertained as Mini Foxie loves to sing along. With good training, they can be superior fighter dogs. The cost of the Miniature Fox Terrier is decent and affordable to all.

🐶 Silky Terrier

One of the most beautiful, fun-loving, and free-spirited Dog Breeds From Australia is Silky Terrier. The attractive feature is their long silky hair with combinations of colors like brown and black makes them unique. Their traditional breed is from Australia as they came from Great Britain. They look pretty close to the Yorkshire Terrier. They are incredibly great playmates and super active with children. They are good watchdogs offering adequate protection with that small height. They stay for 12- 15 years. Their temperament is joyful, alert, friendly, and responsive. They are a pretty costly breed, and it is dependent on the quality of the breed.

🐶 Tenterfield Terrier

The popular Tenterfield Terrier is known as the active Dog Breeds From Australia. They are powerful, energetic, and agile in nature. They have a silky-smooth short length coating- it is easy to groom. They are lovely as companions. They are destructive and quite noisy if left alone at home. Tenterfield Terrier lives for around 12 to 14 years. Their agile traits make them a great competitor. They are good sports dogs if trained well. They are not shy in barking and always shout at the top of their voice. The breed has a positive trait and learns reinforcement training very quickly. They are expensive and love to eat vegetables, eggs, and cheese.

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