Dog Adoption in Kolkata Centers that You Won’t like to Miss Out!

Dog Adoption In Kolkata

Adopting a pet is in itself a great idea. However, to bring in a new life at home, not only your house has to be big, but your heart needs to be bigger at the same time. By adopting a dog from the Dog Adoption in Kolkata, you save a life. You are the sole person entrusted with the responsibility required to keep the dog in good health. Many dogs in the dog adoption center in Kolkata are rescued from horrific circumstances like cruelty, negligence, abandonment, and quite simply, their owners are no longer interested in taking care of these fellow furry animals.

At the Dog Adoption in Kolkata, the shelter staff works day and night tirelessly to nurse these animals back to good health. The rehabilitation centers are also there to take active care of the dogs that have gone through a trauma in life. These things are taken care of to bring back the dogs from their lost life and make them normal to live in a new house. Fortunately, people like you are fond of not buying but adopting a furry friend from the centers for Dog Adoption in Kolkata. By giving a new home to a pet, you can give an abandoned dog a new space, love, and care with a stable home to stop their overpopulation.

Top places to adopt a dog from the Center of Dog Adoption in Kolkata

Here we have listed down the top centers where you can peep in any time and get your favorite furry pet at home.

1: Puppy Center

At the Puppy center in Kolkata, you will find many breeds ready to be taken to a new place. They are especially taking care of the dogs before handing them over to the new owner. This center operates to add a new friend to your home. If you want, you can buy any dog breed as per your preference from here. In addition, there is a knowledge session that takes place to raise a pup happily at home. These are happy and interactive sessions for helping the new puppy parents get accustomed to the dog at home.

2: Animal Care Center

It is an Animal Care center with a multispecialty clinic and referral care. This place is founded by Dr. AK Murmu, keeping in mind the pets’ needs and their owners practicing in Kolkata for years now. Apart from the dog adopting in Kolkata, you will benefit from the facilities like grooming by experts, Pet accessories, pet medicine, blood collection, Surgery, X-ray, biochemical investigation, ECG, Oxygen facilities, nebulizing facility, dental scaling, and emergency critical care as well.

3: Pashupati Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

As a Dog adoption center in Kolkata, this place offers 24/7 service. You will get an abandoned dog and rescue dog here, whom you can adopt at any time. If you want, there are services to keep your dog here and enjoy their responsible care. They provide all the medical prescribed services with medicines if a dog is undergoing any treatment. The organization was founded with many professionals who are voluntarily taking care of the dogs and rescuing them from any situation. The experts here offer awareness programs as well. The dogs are vaccinated as well.

4: Animal Rescue and Care- Kolkata (ARC)

A responsible non-profit organization, the main aim of this organization is to rescue and treat distressed stray animals to alleviate their suffering. The dogs are rescued and taken care of with love and affection. The mission is to educate the people across to replace their negativities and show some sympathy and compassion. You will get a good-quality rescue dog. If you are ready to adopt a rescue dog, then this is your ideal destination.

5: Garia Niramoy Foundation

It is located in the South of Kolkata; this organization works in West Bengal to take stray dogs. Garia Niramoy Foundation is a school where you get everything for your dog. The pet shops, dog training, trainers, grooming services, and even dog hostel is accessible. There is a good number of dog breed that you may keep in consideration here.

6: Dog Zone

It is not a rescue dog center; Dog Zone is known for adopting your dogs of any kind. The medical care for the dogs is taken care of. It is also known for the best veterinary school, with the top doctors in Kolkata closely working. You will also get dog grooming and medical products at a much reasonable price rate that everyone can deal with!

Wrapping up

Dog adoption in Kolkata is quietly becoming popular. Here, most people are fond of buying dogs investing a huge amount of money. These days the encouragement to adopt a pet, an abandoned or a rescue dog, is more likely and appreciated. These organizations are offering a good opportunity to adopt a new puppy to bring in your family. Please make sure you choose them and check their medical condition to give them a better life.

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