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πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Dog Breeds From Canada: 5 Breeds From Great White North

Dog Breeds From Canada

Table of Contents

🐢 Canadian Eskimo Dog

The Canadian Eskimo dog is powerful, affectionate, sturdy, loyal, and brave. This dog breeds from Canada are used for sledding. They are highly pack-oriented, have high prey drive, and are aggressive towards other dogs because of their dominating nature. These Dog Breeds From Canada are at threat of extinction and are hyperactive, extremely loyal, and have a tight bond with their owners. They are best suited for cold weather. Canadian Eskimo dog, an affectionate, gentle giant, has a thick, long-haired, harsh silver, white, and black coat. They weigh about (40-88)lbs and have a height of (20-28)inches with a lifespan of 10-15 years. These athletic dogs are expensive and need regular grooming.

🐢 Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is a popular go-to dog breed for dog lovers around the world. They are great companions and known to work for fishermen, police departments, hunters, etc. Labrador Retrievers are cheerful, kind, trusting, gentle, affectionate, intelligent, and sharp. They are one of the best family dogs who need an active regiment filled with playing and exercise. These Dog Breeds From Canada are significant swimmers, have a short, dense coat of yellow, chocolate, and black shades. They are medium-sized with a weight of (55-80)lbs, stand at (21 -23)inches, and live about 12-14years. This playful, in-demand dog is easy to groom and can be expensive depending on the quality.

🐢 Landseer

The Landseer dog, a tall furry giant, is courageous, powerful, independent, affectionate and the patient used by the fishermen. These Dog Breeds From Canada are gentle, calm, trainable, and perfect for families with children of all ages. They are excellent swimmers and are hardworking dogs who are generous and kind. These are playful dogs with incredible stamina and strength. They have long-haired coats of white and black shades. Landseer dogs weigh about (45-68)kgs and rise upto (67-80)cms high with a lifespan of 9-11 years. This laid-back yet protective breed makes great guardians. These dogs need moderate to high grooming and are pretty expensive.

🐢 Newfoundland

The enormous working dog, Newfoundland dog, is a large, floofy, sweet, gentle, and calm breed. They are devoted family dogs who are easy-going with children. They love to snooze, are laid back by nature, and are friendly. These Dog Breeds From Canada work for fishers and excel at water rescue. These dogs have colossal lung capacity and are expert swimmers. They are intelligent, respond promptly to instructions, and are very trainable. Newfoundland’s are strong build and bulky with muscular features, covered in a lush coat of black, white, and brown shades and shed a lot. These breeds weigh about (45-70)kgs and stand at (63-74)inches tall with a lifespan of 8-10 years. They are expensive as well as high maintenance too.

🐢 Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

The sturdy Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is one of the brightest of the Retrievers. They are patient, intelligent, alert, friendly, curious, outgoing, and loving by nature. These Dog Breeds From Canada are obedient, highly adaptable, and swift. They make great pets to active families. They need ample activities and exercise to enjoy life. The Tollers are primarily bred for hunting and are capable of luring waterfowl within the gunshot range. They are athletic, powerfully built and have a wavy coat of dark red or copper red tones. These medium-sized dogs range in height about (43-53)cm and weigh about (14-23)kgs with a lifespan of 10-14 years. They can be groomed well and are expensive.

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